Fwd: Senate vote this week on Keystone XL — how Maine can help (call King)

Here’s the meat of the 350.org note. I called King last week about this and had a good substantive talk with the phone answerer (greater carbon footprint, danger of that oil to pipelines, threat to the planet, etc.). He seemed quite sympathetic to the issue and said he’d relay the message. ——– Original Message ——– Subject: Senate vote this week on Keystone XL — how Maine can help From: Duncan Meisel – 350.org <organizers@350.org> Friends, Big oil is back at it — they’re trying to get Congress to force President Obama to build the Keystone XL pipeline.** We found out that there’s a vote scheduled for this week that could determine the fate of the pipeline, and it will probably come down to a close vote in the Senate. Senator Angus King will cast one of the key votes. His staff told 350Maine that he’s leaning towards opposing the pipeline, but he isn’t on the record yet*. It’s important that he stand strong and vote to stop big oil’s sneak attack — this pipeline is just too important to allow. *Can you make a call to Sen. King right now to tell him to reject this back-door attempt to build the pipeline? Here is the number to call: Sen. King – (202) 224-5344 When you call, here’s a suggestion for what to say: I am calling in opposition to the Keystone XL pipeline. Americans have mobilized in historic numbers against it, and the Senator must stand with us, not big oil, and vote against any legislation that forces approval of the pipeline. Then, click here to report your call and share this call to action: http://act.350.org/call/kxl-tier-2-2013/ _______________________________________________ HCCN mailing list HCCN@mainetalk.org https://mainetalk.org/mailman/listinfo/hccn_mainetalk.org

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