Thank you to Hugh for sending this wonderful poem in celebration of the May!

From: “Hugh J. Curran” <Hugh_J_Curran@umit.maine.edu>

Poem (slighty amended) from about 1200 years ago & attributed to Fionn (Finn) McCumhal.

Song of Bealtaine
(Dia ceadamhan la buidh
May day,
delightful the time,
wonderful the colors
of the season as
birds sing
to a world come alive
with cuckoos
& wood frogs echoing
their refrain
in wonder & harmony.

Such great welcome
is this noble season
of spring renewing
itself in warmth,
swallowing frigid times
as birds begin to skim
above meadow canopies
& wild stags, soft does
seek solace
by the streams.

Heathery hills
of purple evergreen
& budding maple trees
spread out their hair
above the bright flowers
of bog & heath,
cold weather minds
to the joy of weeping
their efflorescence
a glad tidings
reflecting the encirclment
of heaven & earth,
of planets & stars,
that will us from unbelief
to a renewal
in lulling waves of warmth
ebbing & flowing,
so like meadows
flowering in a yearning
to cover the earth
during this bealtaine
season of May.
(Finn McCumhal: Celtic Poem to Mayday)

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