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Please read this appeal from Maine Voices for Palestinian Rights. Bob (and Sally) have appeared in Blue Hill on at least 2 occasions to promote the work of MVPR and to relate their stories from travels in Palestine. They also manage the distribution of Olive Oil from Palestine, in support of Palestinian farmers, of which we locally benefit. In particular, please notice that Bob seeks small donations from our peace/justice diaspora, which is as it should be…
For those who can support MVPR, we thank  you.
Judy and Peter

Begin forwarded message:

From: Robert Schaible <rmschaible@gmail.com>
Date: November 3, 2013 11:47:26 PM EST
To: undisclosed-recipients:;
Subject: Please Read This: A Thanks & SPECIAL PLEA.

Dear Friends-

I want to thank everyone who has stayed on this e-list, occasionally responded to it, come to events, brought others, and generally been supportive of MVPR’s efforts to educate and focus attention on the Palestinians’ struggle for fundamental political and human rights.
But now I am making a special plea.  For the first time in its 2 1/2 years of organizing speakers, benefits, and film festivals, MVPR has run out of money.  Indeed, we are considerably in the red. 
Bringing the Tree of Life Conference to Portland was a risk we decided to take.  We brought 5 Palestinians and widely praised author and former Zionist Miko Peled for our program.  By bringing them as part of the Tree of Life Conference Tour, we paid half what it would have cost to bring them on our own, so it seemed like a good opportunity: a chance to have both an Israeli and a Palestinian speaker on the same stage, along with a group of talented Palestinian musicians.
Two years ago, when we brought Dr Izzeldin Abulaish, the Gazan father who lost 3 daughters during Israel’s assault on Gaza, almost 600 people came.  We calculated that with the same effort in advertising and publicity, we could get about 2/3 that many for our event on Oct. 23. Had we succeeded,  ticket sales and profits from sales of olive oil, pottery, and books would have helped us to break even.
We had a respectable number show up, but unfortunately we did not attract enough to pay our bills.  Still, I have no regrets about making this effort. The program was excellent at showcasing the talents of Palestinian musicians and exposing the myths that have blinded so many to the injustices perpetrated by Israel against the Palestinians. 
Maybe, as some have suggested, we suffered because the Red Sox had such a successful turn-around season and were playing  the first game in the World Series THAT SAME NIGHT!  Maybe so. After all, we are part of Red Sox Nation.  Maybe Wednesday was just a bad day, but we had no choice about that.  Maybe it was because the Palestinian cause has not been in the news lately at all, eclipsed as it has been by concerns about Iran’s supposed nuclear threat and the tragic mayhem in Syria.
Whatever the cause/s, I find myself in the sad situation of having to make this plea for support.  In order to pay our bills for the recent event and have any funds to promote and carry out upcoming events, we need to raise $5,500.  
If all of the approximately 250 people receiving this email were to respond,  an average gift of $20 would get us close enough to move forward confidently.  A few have given already, and to them we are deeply grateful. However, many will be too busy even to open this email.  Among those who do, some can afford only $10 or nothing at all, whereas others can offer more.  Our request is that you offer whatever you can.  Every gift will be sincerely appreciated. 
We shall, in any case, continue to do all we can to foreground the plight of the Palestinians and bring an increasing number of people to share our sense of outrage that our own government is part of the problem instead of the solution. We are confident that our efforts, combined with those of thousands of other groups here and around the world, will one day bring peace, justice and a good life to all people in Israel-Palestine.
To make a TAX DEDUCTIBLE contribution, make your check out to MAINE PEACE FUND, and write MVPR on the memo line.  Send to me: 136 Callahan Rd., Buxton, ME 04093.
Working with YOU toward a just peace,
Bob, Chair
Maine Voices for Palestinian Rights
“…Wake me up, God; ignite my passion, fill me with outrage.  remind me that I am responsible for Your world.  Don’t allow me to stand idly by.  Inspire me to act.  Teach me to believe I can repair some corner of the world.”  from “A Prayer for Overcoming Indifference,” by Rabbi Naomi Levy.

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