Fwd: Support LD 1722 and oppose weak restrictions on mining in Maine

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From Lew Kingsbury re: mining rules being considered by the Maine Legislature’s committee on the Environment and Natural Resources:

By now you have all heard that the Environment and Natural Resources committee voted in support of a resolve that rejects the BEP provisionally adopted metallic mining rules. This resolve also moves the implementation of the new mining statute out to June 1, 2016. This will provide the BEP and DEP enough time to develop new rules that protect our environment, provide financial safeguards and stronger oversight. It was obvious to all, that legislators in an election year may not be willing to side with rules that among other things allow perpetual waste ponds and the allowance for the waste ponds to be transferred to taxpayer responsibility. We will be working hard to educate legislators on both sides of the isle on the importance of rejecting these rules.

The process from here on out is like any other bill. The resolve must pass both houses and be signed by the governor. If the governor vetoes the resolve it can only be overridden by a 2/3 majority vote in both houses. We must make a concerted effort to convince our lawmakers on both sides of the isle of the financial, environmental and safety reasons to vote yes to revise these terribly flawed rules. 
Below you will find a link providing contact information for all of the legislators in our state. Please take it as a personal responsibility to contact your friends and neighbors, discuss the impact of these new rules and contact as many legislators as you can. We have been given the chance to make this right….but it takes committed people like yourselves to make this happen.
Respectfully…and in solidarity
Lew Kingsbury
Pittston Maine
Email your state legislators and urge them to support rejection of the metallic mining rules by voting yes on LD 1772.
Call your state legislators and urge them to support rejection of the metallic mining rules by voting yes on LD 1772.

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