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Date: August 14, 2013 12:08:30 PM EDT
Subject: Take Action Now: Tell Obama to Close Guantánamo

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Dear Judith,

Against the government’s objections, we have been granted a hearing for our client Djamel Ameziane. Djamel has been detained at Guantánamo without charge for over 11 years, despite being cleared for release by both the Bush and Obama administrations.

The hearing, which takes place today, will address the seizure of all of Djamel’s legal mail during a reckless raid on Camp 6 on April 13, 2013, after which Djamel and other detained men were placed in isolation as apparent punishment for their participation in a widespread hunger strike. Djamel needs his legal mail to be returned to him to prevent a delay in his renewed legal challenge seeking a court order for his release. The government will be forced to address what measures it has taken to transfer Djamel over the past four years, and what it expects will happen in the near future regarding his release from Guantánamo. Djamel has grown increasingly desperate at Guantánamo, knowing that he remains trapped despite being cleared and having countries that are willing to offer him a home in which to rebuild his life, if only the government would take the necessary action to set him free.

On this day, help us free Djamel. Go to our new “Close Guantánamo—It’s This Easy” campaign page, sign the postcard to Obama there, and circulate the campaign among your friends. President Obama should direct the Secretary of Defense to issue the certifications or national security waivers required by the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) to free Djamel and release men from Guantánamo. He has the power to do it — it really is this easy. Urge President Obama to take action, now.


Annette Warren Dickerson
Director of Education and Outreach
Center for Constitutional Rights

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