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 Last chance to speak

This coming Monday, February 25 (6pm at the Searsport HS), will be the last public hearing on the mega-tank application. We need to have as many speakers in opposition to this unwanted, unneeded, dangerous project as possible step forward and speak. This will be the last opportunity to do so.  During the last session, we highlighted the case of DCP’s facility in Berlin, Vermont and costs to surrounding towns. A neighboring city, Montpelier, was concerned about the increase in propane truck traffic. The city investigated and discovered they were liable for their city employees. They had to create evacuation plans surrounding the trucks that used their roads, train all departments to respond to an evacuation, and conduct drills and exercises to test and evaluate their plans. All of these costs for creating plans like this one for all our communities in the region have not been addressed. What we witnessed last week was a DCP official claiming “we pitch in where-ever we can to help with costs”. Again, another case which demonstrates this project is regional.


We need speakers who can ask probing questions, uncover DCP deceptions, and highlight how the planning board’s 18 site plan review performance standards are not met. This is our chance to have the last word with the planning board. Please take a moment now to read this reference paper, demonstrating how the Good Harbor findings relate to the Searsport Planning Board Ordinances (Please see www.tbnt.org for all reports, a link to the planning board standards can be found here). While thoughts regarding climate change, sustainable energy, reducing or eliminating fossil fuels remain very important, all of these arguments have been made on previous nights. These points, sad to say, do not resonate with the planning board and what they are tasked with.  If you would like to help us and speak, please let us know, we are eager to arrange speakers with points that need to be made and entered into the record.  We have been in touch with Planning Board Chairman Bruce Probert this week and he confirmed that he anticipates at least 2 to 3 hours of Monday’s hearing will be devoted to “Open to the Public” comment.  Let’s not let this opportunity to make a strong case slip by, come to the hearing, speak, and support our speakers. We’ve done well so far, but we need a super-strong finish.


Also in Searsport


Meet the two candidates, Meredith Ares and Travis Otis, who are competing for an opening on the Searsport Board of Selectmen, and Percy King, running for a vacancy on the School Board. In addition, Town Manager James Gillway will give a State of the Town report. Union Hall, Sunday, February 24 at 2 pm.


We are excited by our two new promotional items. A “NO LPG” license plate; and a “no tank” button. Both are pictured below and are available, as well as our yard signs (we’ve seen the one posted at Lincolnville Beach = thanks!!) at our office at 21 E. Main St. Searsport, for a donation.






Please consider making a contribution to TBNT to help defray our legal costs; Our address is PO Box 150, Searsport, ME 04974. Or online please follow this link.


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