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From: “Kevin Simowitz – Maine People’s Alliance” <kevin@mainepeoplesalliance.org>
Date: February 12, 2014 12:45:42 PM EST
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Subject: Sign the petition: Release the report
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Maine People's Alliance

Last year, the Senate Intelligence Committee approved a report that offers an unprecedented review of the CIA’s use of torture. The report is currently classified, but the committee will have the opportunity at the end of this month to vote on releasing it to the public.

Both Maine Senators Susan Collins and Angus King sit on the committee, and both have not publicly said how they will vote on releasing the report.

Sign our petition to Senators Collins and King asking them to support making this report public.

We have a right to know what our government has been doing, especially when it comes to an issue as important as the use of torture. This report’s release is critical for informing the public conversation on torture and our senators should do the right thing.

Please sign our petition to Senators Collins and King asking them to support releasing the CIA’s torture report.

Thank you.

Kevin Simowitz
MPA Organizing Director



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