Fwd: Ukes and Music to Pasajquim

Here’s a new project from our friend in Stonington, Nancy Wynne, that you may be interested in learning about and supporting.

Pasajquim is a remote Quiche Mayan community at the end of a long road through the mountains of Solola, Guatemala. The economy there is pretty meager, with most men working on coffee or avocado plantations where a full time worker will earn $3-4 a day to support their family. The school that serves the 357 students has few books and supplies (we are working on that, too!) and has no resources to allocate to enrichment studies like music. 

Use indiegogo link to read more….

From: nancy wynne <nancyhill53@hotmail.com>
Date: February 17, 2014 6:29:29 PM EST
To: Judy Robbins <judy@robbinsandrobbins.com>
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