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Date: June 27, 2012 2:51:29 PM EDT
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Subject: [Peacectr_list] Support Veterans for Peace on July 4th from Brewer to Bangor

The Jim Harney Chapter of Veterans for Peace would like to invite all members of the peace and justice community to join us in the Bangor / Brewer 4th of July parade. The parade will begin at Acme Road in Brewer at 11:00 and will finish at Exchange Street in Bangor. It is really important to have a voice for peace in this mostly militaristic parade.  The audience is becoming more and more receptive with each parade and it is important to keep the momentum going. We will have a separate banner for VFP supporters. You can meet to carpool at 10:00 at the peace and justice center or join us at Acme Road before 11:00. It will be great to have a huge turnout. If you have any questions you can contact Dan Avener at djavener@gmail.com.

Note:  Those who are members of the peace & justice community, but not veterans themselves, will walk behind a banner which reads “Supporters of Veterans for Peace”.  The Veterans for Peace members will walk in front.   It is suggested people wear white or black if possible.  All who wish are invited to the Peace & Justice Center afterward for pizza and conversation.  Hope to see you there! 

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