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“Take Back Democracy” Brown Bag Luncheon Series
As 2012 election campaigns focus on candidates and ads paid by super-pacs, the issues that will impact our future as individuals and as a nation can get muddled at best and lost at worse.  As individuals we may feel powerless and confused about who is representing our best interests.   

Some of the major  issues will be the topics of a Brown Bag Lunch Discussion Series entitled “Take Back Democracy: Focus on the Issues and  Learn and Connect” to be held beginning September 11th   on Tuesdays leading up to the election.  The sessions  will be held weekly   from 12:00 – 1:30 at the Peace & Justice Center of Eastern Maine, 96 Harlow Street, Suite 100, Bangor.  Coffee and tea will be provided and  participants are invited to bring their own lunch.

The series will focus on issues rather than candidates and provide opportunities to learn from those with expertise in areas such as the economy, taxes, and health care. Short presentations will be followed by the opportunity  for participants to raise questions and  share their own perspectives and learn from each other. 

The concluding session on October 30th will provide voter guides from organizations addressing those issues  as well as planning for  on-going grass-roots  efforts beyond the election  for long-term  systemic change needed to address the issues considered.

The Maine Center for Economic Policy has been invited to kick of the series on September 11th  and will discuss  the economy and the impact of tax proposals.   The series of discussions  is being planned by a group of Peace & Justice Center members who are taking responsibility for organizing and facilitating the sessions.

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