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May/June 2011


barbara fenderson

Barbara Fenderson

Bar Harbor



Friday, June 3rd, 7pm-9pm
Bar Harbor Blues Cafe
16 Mt. Desert St.
Bar Harbor, Me


Featuring Bossy Mama Band
Meet and Greet Special
Spinach/Tomato Mini Pizza,
Bud Lite Draft,
House Wine, or Soda for $8.49


Hello Friends and Neighbors:


I am running for the Bar Harbor Town Council because I want to bring balance to the governance of our town. As a long time resident of Bar Harbor, who raised three sons here, I respect the values of our island community. Those values include protecting the environment, creating jobs for our residents and keeping taxes under control.


I am a long-time member of the Bar Harbor business community, having owned and operated Fenderson Antiques & Collectibles in Town Hill, and the Acacia House Bed and Breakfast on High Street. I also owned and operated Central City Sheet Metal in Hampden.


Service to our town is very important to me, and my own service has included membership on the Planning Board, President of the YWCA Board of Directors, Acquatic Director of the YMCA and assistant YMCA swim team coach.


In the past, I considered running for Town Council, but felt that, as a full time working person, I did not have the time to give my full attention to the job. Now that I am retired, I do have that time. If elected, I will listen to people’s concerns, research the issues, and find answers for the questions posed. I will seek to promote public confidence in me as a town leader, and will encourage towns people to participate in meetings, public hearings and the like.


My background is in the field of education, and I have earned a Master’s degree in Special Education from the University of Maine in Orono, and worked as a special education teacher at Ellsworth High School and the Homestead Project. Though not a “native” of Bar Harbor, I am a 43 year resident and taxpayer of Bar Harbor. My grandchildren are the 8th generation of Island residents. I will offer a balanced approach to town government, using my skills and experience.


I enjoy swimming, reading, playing with and taking care of my animals, making preserves and, most importantly, spending time with my children and grandchildren. I will be traveling throughout town, calling on voters, making appearances and trying to get my message out. I hope to meet and talk with as many voters as possible. If you would like to talk with me about my campaign, or any issues, you can contact me at: and 288-5178. Best, Barb



Candidates’ Night
Come out and hear candidates for the
Bar Harbor Town Council .
Field your questions
Tues., May 31st, 7-9pm
Bar Harbor
Council Chambers
Register to vote for the Green Independent Party at your town or city hall. The Green Party is Maine’s major political party that allows us to elect people who are committed to sustainable environmentalism thru Clean Election Campaigns.
Get involved.
Check out town meeting on your cable channel and/or attend meetings.
Call your town/city hall to get time and agenda.
It’s your town too!


LePage’s Maine

You know that guttural feeling you get with the mention of our governor’s name? Well, your body is telling you something and that something is that our governor has a diametrically opposed view of what Maine is and where we are going as compared to the people of Maine.

In the coming months, our newsletter will be highlighting these differences and suggesting ways we can join together to create a real future for our families.*
*see links below


LePage on Land Use


LePage’s proposed land use bill would be a fiscal disaster and destroy our environmental laws? In Oregon this type bill led to more than 6,800 claims – valued at $19 billion. Does anyone believe our state or town governments can or will pay these types of claims?


Green Party Position: There is a fundamental difference between growth and development and between quantity and quality. Environmental and land use regulations exist to protect resources and way of life. Maine companies need to be responsible citizens and the law should not provide for frivolous exemptions.


LePage supports LD1477: Landowners and developers can file for compensation based on assertions that land use laws had reduced property values. If the state or towns can’t pay, then the regulations for the landowner are waived.


LePage on Pesticides

Maine has always valued the protection of our families. Advance notice of the outdoor application of pesticides has insured that we can keep our children safe during those times when corporations or neighbors choose to spray dangerous chemicals close to our homes and schools.

Green Party Position: The government must provide a system that alerts homeowners to the application of dangerous chemicals.

LePage supports LD 228: Repeals the laws that allows property owners the right to request advance notification of applications of pesticides.

LePage on Protecting our Waterways


Should we continue to protect our inland waterways or opt to limit those protections in order to allow for more development in sensitive areas?


Green Party Position: These habitats are essential to our traditional wildlife industries – hunting, fishing, and wildlife watching – which earn $1.3 billion for Maine each year. Maine’s protections of 250 foot setbacks for these areas are reasonable and based on sound science. They are not “no-build” zones and allow careful development that minimizes harm to Maine’s most sensitive habitats. Of more than 220 permit applications for projects in these areas, only two have been denied.


LePage supports LD872: Changes the current law to reduce setbacks to 75′ for significant vernal pool habitat, high and moderate value inland waterfowl and wading bird habitat and shorebird nesting, feeding and staging areas.


LePage on Building/Energy Codes



Building and energy codes are in place to protect us. Without minimum requirements our family’s safety is put in peril. In additions, reducing energy regulations will force Maine to become even more oil dependent.


Green Party Position: Establish clear guidelines that require municipalities to enact laws and regulations that protect the public through stringent building codes that assure our safety and reduce our dependence on fossil fuel.


LePage supports LD1416: Makes Maine’s stricter Uniform Building and Energy Code optional even though one business after another testified in opposition to 1416.


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Join with us in the Green Party
to ensure a sustainable future for our children.
Our next monthly meeting
Friday, June 10th, 5pm,
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93 Cottage St 



Sincerely, Ant
Antonio Blasi

Green Party of Hancock County
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