GROW (GrassRoots Organizing Workshops), Sept. 27-29 in Bryant Pond–details and registration info

Apologies if you get this more than once; please pass along to others in your group or area. 

Registration information and who to contact if you have questions is at the end. This should be a great weekend, so register soon! A PDF of the GROW brochure may also be attached, so you can print that out and use it.


GROW New England’s





Sept. 27-29, 2013

Bryant Pond 4-H Camp

Bryant Pond, ME

(near Bethel and Paris/Norway)


For New and Experienced Grassroots Organizers in Maine, NH, and Vermont to Learn More about Creating Grassroots Social Change


Why GROW New England?

(GrassRoots Organizing Workshops)


We believe in a better world where there is:

●Respect for civil liberties;

●Commitment to nonviolent conflict resolution;

●Economic justice and rights for all;

●Affordable health care, housing and education;

●A healthy environment & sustainable lifestyles;

●Celebration of diversity in age, race, gender, etc.


In order to create a world that provides for the well-being of everyone, we have to ORGANIZE!

In order to take back our power we have to ORGANIZE!

In order to ORGANIZE we need to gather, learn, share and plan with each other!


Join new and experienced activists from northern New England as we:

● Learn and teach about the “big picture” of social change.

● Gain new organizational skills/strategies.

● Learn about successful models throughout the region.

● Celebrate successes.


GROW Weekend Schedule


Introductory Friday Workshop

Friday, September 27th, 1:00-4:30 PM

Making a Difference: Skills for the Effective Organizer

This workshop provides basic skills and background for anyone who is new or relatively new to organizing. Good reminder and refresher for more experienced organizers as well.


Weekend Schedule

5:00 PM Friday, September 27th to 2:30 PM Sunday, September 29th

Cost $10-$80 (actual cost is about $70-80/person, but pay what you can/all welcome, whatever amount you can pay) includes lodging (bring bedding), meals, all workshops, and use of outdoor facilities. In addition to workshops (see list), GROW will use interactive methods to help attendees develop skills in planning actions/events, creating groups, and becoming better organizers. For a complete schedule and updated workshop offerings, please contact those below. Information will be added when confirmed, especially in September:


Nate “Iggy” Brimmer (207) 415-4458

Larry Dansinger (207) 525-7776

Jacqui Deveneau (207) 284-3358





This year’s GROW Theme is: “Organizing Strategies”


Workshop Topics

Tentatively Include:

Strategy Development

Power Analysis

Skills Share

Overcoming oppression and celebrating inclusiveness

Listening and storytelling to identify the issues

Influencing Public Policy


Accessibility: Facilities are totally wheelchair accessible.


Child Care: Childcare will be available at no cost, during workshop times only. Those requesting childcare must register by September 20th.


Food: Meals will emphasize local foods and will offer meat, vegetarian and vegan options. We can make individual adjustments as needed. Meals (and housing) are included in registration costs. Attendees will be asked to help with meal preparation or cleanup.


Travel arrangements: Call/email a contact person for ride sharing options.


Registration: We encourage people to register by September 25th to help with meal and travel planning, though last minute registrations will be accepted. Registration details and directions will be e/mailed after you register.

(You can register simply by typing in the information requested and replying to, or go to

Name: _________________________

Address: _______________________

Town/City: _____________________

State & Zip: ____________________

Phone #: _(_____)________________

E-Mail: ________________________


Please Complete All That Apply:


___Number of people registering for the Sept. 27-29 Weekend

Enclosed is $___________________

Partial Payment is OK; remainder due on arrival. Checks payable to: ROSC: Address is below. Paying the entire amount when you arrive is also an option, but paying some before the weekend is helpful.


Childcare register by Sept. 20th

___I need childcare: Please list ages of children. _____________________


Ride Share:

___I need a ride from _____________

___I can offer a ride from__________


Please note special accommodations required (diet, health, sleeping, etc.) ________________________________




Return form by September 25th, if possible, to: GROW, 161 Stovepipe Alley, Monroe, ME 04951 or E-mail it to


For questions & more info:

Iggy: 207-415-4458,

Larry, 207-525-7776,

Jacqui, 207-284-3358,

pdf icon grow-brochure.pdf

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