Grow Up

worth reading the whole piece-

“As I’ve been reading about Paul Ryan, I was struck by several aspects of his life story which resonated with my own. We were both just sophomores in high school when our fathers died. We both saved our Social Security survivor benefits to help fund our college educations. We were both beneficiaries of federal and state government support for higher education. We made hamburgers at McDonald’s. We were both altar boys and we remain practicing Catholics. And Paul Ryan and I both read Ayn Rand as teenagers and were captivated by her radical individualism.

That, however, is where the similarities end.” ………..


        ” My mother taught me the immigrant Catholic values of family, community, and service to those less fortunate. She had no patience for “self-indulgence.” It is no wonder then, that she reacted so negatively to my short-term embrace of Ayn Rand’s “individualism”and Barry Goldwater’s Conscience of a Conservative. And she would not tolerate narcissism. Life, she taught, was not about me, it is about us. In the end, she would say, “your life’s value would be measured not by what you earned, but by what you did for others.” When a person understood that, she believed, they moved from adolescence to adulthood.” ……..

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