Help and participation in Mother Earth Water Walk in Maine, May 7-11

Please pass along to others in your group or area. Thanks.

The Mother Earth Water Walk leaves from Machiasport/Machias on Saturday, May 7, on its way to Milbridge, Bangor, Athens, and eventually to Coburn Gore. A schedule of where the walk will go and approximately when the walk will be in a specific town or area are listed below.

The walk will go all the way to Wisconsin’s Bad River, arriving with other walks in mid June. The goal is to promote the protection of our water supply against its pollution and misuse. Their Theme:





The Mother Earth Water Walk began in 2003, when grandmothers walked around Lake Superior, according to the project’s website The walkers said:  “We are doing this walk on our own beliefs within our own aboriginal culture and values of the importance of our waters is very precious and sacred to our being, as it is one of the basic elements needed for all life to exist.”  Our walk is “a prayer for the water, for Mother Earth, for the animals, the birds, the insects, the trees and for us, all two leggeds. Together the walks were one prayer for life.”

Walkers from the east will leave Machias on Saturday, May 7.  There will be a special tribal ceremony at Picture Rock in Machiasport and native walkers will progress from there down Route 1 to Bad Little Falls in Machias, where a public ceremony to begin the eastern walk will be held. The walkers should reach the falls between 12:00 p.m. and 1 p.m. This is a great place to join, but you can join at any point along the route!


Once the ceremony has been completed at Bad Little Falls, the group will walk to Milbridge, where walkers will rest for the night. The Hispanic community at Mano en Mano in Milbridge will welcome them. The group’s arrival will coincide with Mano en Mano’s Mother’s Day Fiesta.


The walkers will continue on May 8 to Bangor, and then will proceed over the next week on Route 2 to Skowhegan and on to Quebec.


All people are welcome to join the walk.  A van will accompany the group.


For more information on walking contact:  
Charlene Francis 827-5035, Maria Girourd 817-7471, or Defending Water for Life in Maine organizer, Chris Buchanan 357-1443. EMAIL CONTACT:

Things you can do to help the walk:

*Join the walk, for an hour, a day, or longer

*Make signs to support walkers

*Be a rest stop along the way (see route below)

*Attend a fundraising potluck on May 8, 6 PM, Community Building, Indian Island. Directions from Charlene or Maria (above). Please bring food to share but do not bring bottled water to the event; your own water in glass bottles is OK. Also bring plate and utensils.

The Mother Earth Water Walk begins in East Machias.
Walk on Rt 92 into Machias.
Walk on Rt.1 to Jonesboro.
Walk on Rt.1 to Harrington.
Walk on Rt.1A to Millbridge.
28.2 miles. 
From Millbridge walk on Rt.1 to Steuben.
Walk on Rt.1 to Gouldsboro.
Walk on Rt.1 to East Gouldsboro.
Walk on Rt.1 to Ashville.
Walk on Rt.1 to Sullivan.
Walk on Rt.1 to West Sullivan.
Walk on Rt.1 to Hancock.
Walk on Rt.1 to Ellsworth.
Walk on Rt.1A to Lucerne-in-Maine.
Walk on Rt.1A to East Holden.
Walk on Rt.1A to Holden.
Walk on Rt.1A To Bangor.
57.8 miles.
Walk on Rt.2 to Hermon.
Walk on Rt.2 to Carmel.
Walk on Rt.2 to Damascus.
Walk on Rt.2 to Etna.
Walk on Rt.2 to East Newport.
Walk on Rt.2 to Newport.
Walk on Rt.151 to Palmyra.
Walk on Rt.151 to Hartland.
Walk on Rt.151 to Corson Corner.
Walk on Rt.151 to Athens.
48.7 miles. 
Walk on Rt.151 to Solon.
Walk on 201A to Embden.
Walk on 201A to North Anson.
Walk on Rt.16 to North New Portland.
Walk on Rt.16 to Kingfield.
Walk on Rt.16 to Carrabassett.
WAlk on Rt.16 to Bigelow.
Walk on Rt.16 to Stratton.
55.5 miles. 
Walk on Rt. 27 to Eustis.
Walk on Rt.27 to Coburn Gore and into Quebec.
28.3 miles. 


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