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From Jacqui Deveneau re: Peace Action Maine. Support of several kinds to keep Peace Action Maine going for all of Maine is very much needed. Please reply to Jacqui (below) if you can help in ANY way.

Hello My Fellow Peace Action Maine Friends,

I am writing today to share something very important.

As many of you may know, Peace Action Maine [PAM] has been struggling since we lost our director Danny Muller in 2008. In 2010 PAM was fortunate to have Noam Chomsky come to fundraise for us at our Peace Supper, allowing the organization to hire someone to come in and at least do the nuts and bolts to keep us moving forward. [That was when I was hired.] We also had a great Common Ground Fair that year getting to have coffee at our booth for the first time.

However, last year we did not do well with the Peace Supper and it was too warm at the Common Ground Fair so we lost there as well. We had a good membership drive that has kept us afloat till now. Faced with all of that and the fact that we have not, as yet been able to secure an event to replace the Peace Supper as a money maker and having a Board made up mostly of folks who do not have the history of PAM nor the time to put into the kind of fundraising now needed, there has been some decisions made. The Board has informed the Meg Perry Center that we may not keep our office there after the end of April. It is also ending my position. I am told PAM will be run by volunteers from someone’s home.

As a person who has been active with PAM since 2002 and who cares more for this organization then just a source of my income, I must in good conscience share with you all, my dear friends and fellow activists, what is happening here.

The members of the Board are wonderful folks, I am proud to have them as friends. I feel they need help from those who have the history of PAM and what it takes to run a state wide organization.

I ask that if any of this concerns you, to please take a moment and reply to this e-mail. I need some solid thoughts here. For it will do no good to just say don’t close the door. Without folks either stepping on to the Board or giving the Board ways to raise the money or willing to volunteer some time to the fundraising, it will not make a difference. Please send a donation, step forward to help, or talk with me and others as to what you might be able to do to help. It’s hard for me to do nothing to save this wonderful organization. So I wanted you to know.

Thank You.


Jacqui Deveneau _______________________________________________ HCCN mailing list

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