Herman Wallace presente!

Raise a fist today for Herman Wallace

Thanks to Lawrence Reichard for sending this news.

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From: Tory Pegram <odsllc@gmail.com>
Date: October 4, 2013 9:44:50 AM EDT
To: Tory Pegram <odsllc@gmail.com>
Subject: A3 Update – The Muhammad Ali of the Criminal Justice System

This morning we lost without a doubt the biggest, bravest, and brashest personality in the political prisoner world.  It is with great sadness that I write with the news of Herman Wallace’s passing.

Herman never did anything half way.  He embraced his many quests and adventures in life with a tenacious gusto and fearless determination that will absolutely never be rivaled.  He was exceptionally loyal and loving to those he considered friends, and always went out of his way to stand up for those causes and individuals in need of a strong voice or fierce advocate, no matter the consequences.

Anyone lucky enough to have spent any time with Herman knows that his indomitable spirit will live on through his work and the example he left behind.  May each of us aspire to be as dedicated to something as Herman was to life, and to justice.

Below is a short obituary/press statement for those who didn’t know him well in case you wish to circulate something.  Tributes from those who were closest to Herman and more information on how to help preserve his legacy by keeping his struggle alive will soon follow.

With deepest sadness,


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