Hey! Art, Inspiration – Tuesday Blue Hill

Hey! Art, Inspiration – Tuesday Blue Hill Friends,
we hope everyone has heard by now about the exciting collaboration of Voices for Peace and Rob Shetterly that will be presented on Tuesday evening in Blue Hill. Many people have been hard at work for months in the planning, especially artist and author Rob Shetterly and Marty Kelley (organizer for Voices). The event has been conceived as one of several in support of the BRING OUR WAR DOLLARS HOME CARE-A-VAN that is currently criss-crossing the state, raising awareness of the conflict between endless war spending (!!!!) and lack of spending on human needs here at home. We are fortunate to have such an event here in Blue Hill.

The evening will feature brief introductory remarks by Dud Hendrick, of Veterans for Peace, Maine, and Bruce Gagnon, organizer for the BOW$$H campaign. Then Rob Shetterly will present several of his portraits of “Americans Who Tell the Truth” and talk about the extraordinary lives and gifts of his subjects. Accompanying Rob’s selections, which include Kathy Kelly, Cindy Sheehan and David Korten, among others, will be songs chosen specifically to complement each and arranged for that purpose. Voices for Peace will WOW everyone!

Island Peace & Justice of Deer Isle and PPJ of Blue Hill have worked together to create this event. Please plan to join us at Emlen Hall (The Bay School) on South Street at 7:00 p.m. Tuesday, September 27, for a lively and thoughtful evening. Refreshments are provided. Please bring a friend.

Judy and Peter

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