Human Rights Rally in Portland Dec. 10

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Larry Dansinger

Human Rights Rally in Portland for International Human Rights Day

There will be a gathering, vigil and speakout in support of International Human Rights—Economic and Political. The event will be highlighting the anniversary of the 1948 ratification by the United Nations of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
It will take place on Saturday, December 10 from 11 AM-4 PM at Congress (Checkerboard) Square, corner of High and Congress Streets, next to the Eastland Hotel in downtown Portland. Vigil and speakout especially from 12 noon-2 PM.
Economic Human Rights include the right to work, equal pay, and join a union (Article 23), right to an adequate standard of living, housing, medical care, and food (Article 25), and the right to education (Article 26).
Political Rights include the right to life, liberty, and security (Article 3), no torture (Article 5), freedom of thought (Article 18), and freedom of expression (Article 19).
Speakers will talk about why we need these economic and political rights and how our economy, our government, and our country is hurt by their lack or denial. Those attending are also asked to bring signs expressing the need for holding onto and expanding BOTH Economic and Political Human Rights.
One of the organizers, Laurel Merchant of Portland, will be dedicating the rally to Shawn Patrick Potter, a quiet but strong supporter of Economic Human Rights, who recently died at age 43. Others who want to speak should contact Laurel via Facebook if possible.
For more information, contact: Laurel Merchant, (207) 772-1105 or email:

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