Interesting piece on new information on source of bacterial resistance

I just received the following note from “Food Democracy Now!” — a great source of info on all the bizarre things going on with our food.

It’s at heart a petition solicitation, which you can participate in or ignore, as you choose. I think the deadline for public comment is tomorrow (July 12).

But more importantly, this note contains a good amount of information on resistant bacteria and how they come to be — on concentrated animal feeding operations (CAFOs). For instance, the first footnoted source below lays out the research which blows out of the water the livestock industry’s denials that CAFOs generate bacterial resistance, spreading out through livestock workers to their communities. It turns out that even if you’re a vegan, the vegetables you’re eating may have picked up antibiotics from manure-fertilized soil and you yourself are a breeding ground for resistance.

Life is SO interesting. You might end up deciding to sign that petition…

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