Invite, Hear Dr. Lillian Holloway talk about Cuban health care

From: “William Whitney” <>
Date: March 23, 2012 10:08:12 AM EDT
To: “William Whitney” <>
Subject: Invite, Hear Lillian Holloway talk about Cuban health care

Hello Maine friends of Cuba and/or of  health care for all:
Dr. Lillian Holloway will be speaking at Maine Medical Center, Portland, Maine on Wednesday, March 28 at noon. The location is Dana Center, Room # 9. The occasion is the regular weekly educational conference of the medicine – pediatrics residency program there.Program Director Dr. Patrice Thibodeay has kindly invited community members to attend.
Lillian will talk about health care in Cuba and Cuba’s Latin American School of Medicine.  
Dr. Holloway grew up in West Philadelphia.  She worked as a certified nursing assistant before deciding to go to medical school at the Latin American School of Medicine, Havana, Cuba. She graduated in 2009.  Lillian  is currently a resident in Family Practice and an MPH candidate at University of Illinois Hospitals in Chicago.
The Latin American School of Medicine  (ELAM)  has 10,000 medical students from foreign countries studying free in order to go back to their home countries and practice health care where they are needed.   The students come from over 40 countries, including many African nations.  The Cuban government has opened up 500 places for young people from the US to study medicine, providing full scholarships.    Approximately 120 Americans are currently enrolled.
If you have questions about Dr. Holloway’s  presentation, please call  207-743-2183. Please join us.
Tom Whitney  


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