Jeju Island: What’s the Fuss About, Talk in Blue Hill

Jeju:  What’s the Fuss About?

Peninsula P&J Talk in Blue Hill

Dud Hendrick of Deer Isle has recently returned from Jeju Island, Korea, where he joined native islanders and their supporters in protest of a naval base being constructed at the behest of the U.S.  Sponsored by Peninsula Peace and Justice, he will speak of his impressions on Friday evening, June 28th at 7pm at the Blue Hill Library.

Several Maine activists have preceded him to Jeju.  Each has returned inspired by the people who, for over six years now, continue to protest yet another military base in service of America’s resolute drive to garrison the planet.  A member of Veterans for Peace, Hendrick has for several years been dedicated to an examination of the impact of the American military empire.   His talk will address these consequences in general as well as those that are specific to Jeju. 

Hendrick also will address the extremely curious history and relationship between the U.S. and Korea, North and South, and of the inordinate role played by the U.S. in Jeju’s history.

Hendrick credits the Global Network Against Weapons and Nuclear Power in Space, and its indefatigable coordinator, Bruce Gagnon of Bath, Maine, for bringing the Jeju base to the attention of the public.  Recognizing the project on Jeju as an element of America’s quest for “full-spectrum dominance” of the world and as a dangerous piece of Obama’s “Pacific Pivot”, Gagnon campaigns to expose the rationale behind the base. 

The noted Maine activists who preceded Hendrick to Jeju, under the sponsorship of the Global Network, Blue Hill’s Carolyn Coe, Natasha Meyers, Mary Beth Sullivan and Regis Tremblay*, all have returned committed to bringing the issue to the attention of more Americans.  “Our experiences,” Hendrick says, “lead us all to challenge the notion that this military base will make either the U.S. or Korea more safe”.

Hendrick’s talk will include slides and brief video clips of the confrontations at the barricades as witnessed in April. Info: 326-4405

*Regis Tremblay’s recently released documentary, “The Ghosts of Jeju”, will be available at the talk.

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