Last Call for Sig Ad Names – Bring Our War $$ Home


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Date: February 28, 2011 1:05:42 PM EST
To: “Peaceworks” <>
Subject: Last Call for Sig Ad Names – Bring Our War $$ Home
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Below see the current list of names in Maine of those who will be listed on the signature ad we will purchase from the Portland Press Herald in late March prior to our news conference and rally inside the Hall of Flags on Monday, April 4 at 11:00 am.
We hope you will add your name to this list as we want  to show that there is a large constituency calling on all elected officials in Maine to talk about the links between war spending and economic collapse.  I recently read that 23% of the national debt comes from military spending.
Send your check for $15-$25 (pay what you can best afford) to Global Network, PO Box 652, Brunswick 04011.  Be sure to write “Sig ad” in the “For” line on the check.  (If you can’t afford to donate but would like your name listed anyway just let us know.  Some people have sent extra funds to ensure everyone can get listed.)
Thanks to all.  The deadline for funds is March 10.
In peace,
Bruce K. Gagnon
This copy in the signature ad will be accompanied by art work by Natasha Mayer and Robert Shetterly
We the undersigned are outraged that our nation remains at war after 10 long years of fruitless killing in Iraq-Afghanistan-Pakistan. Maine’s share of war spending since 2001 has been $3.4 billion (  Those dollars could have been used to fund education, health care, and other human needs in our state. Many more of our tax dollars will be wasted as long as these wars continue. We call upon all of Maine’s local, state, and federal officials to speak out now and tell President Obama and Congress to Bring Our War $$ Home now. We must all begin to make the connections between endless war spending and our economic crisis here at home.
Join us on Monday, August 4 at 11:00 am in the Hall of Flags in Augusta for a rally to Bring Our War $$ Home
Susan Amelia Allein (Fairfield)
Sue Andersen (Portland)
Cushman Anthony (North Yarmouth)
Alan Athearn (Rockland)
Norma Athearn (Rockland)
Debbie Atwood, Town Council (Brunswick)
Stephen Benson (Blue Hill)
John Bernard (South Portland)
Dorothy Blanchette (Falmouth)
Tim Blanchette (Falmouth)
Robin E. Brooks (Topsham)
John Buell (Southwest Harbor)
Susan Covino Buell (Southwest Harbor)
Jerry Call (Rockland)
Steve Carroll (Portland)
David W. Chipman (Harpswell)
Kathe Chipman (Harpswell)
Joe Conroy (Portland)
Anni Cooper (Freeport)
Bob Dale (Brunswick)
Arthur Dole (Trenton)
Marjorie Dole (Trenton)
Paul Drinan (Portland)
Ruth Elkin (Portland)
Dan Ellis (Brunswick)
Jamilla El-Shafei (Kennebunk)
Susan Emmerling (Mount Vernon)
Jeffrey Evangelos (Friendship)
Richard Flanagan (Fairfield)
Ananur Forma (Rockland)
Bruce K. Gagnon (Bath)
Nancy Galland (Stockston Springs)
Global Network Against Weapons & Nuclear Power in Space
Amanda Hoag (Bath)
Cynthia Howard (Biddeford Pool)
Robert Ingalls (Mount Vernon)
Cathy Jacobs (Ellsworth)
Jeff Jacobs (Ellsworth)
Louise Koszalka (Rockland)
Loukie Lofchie (Brunswick)
Stan Lofchie (Brunswick)
Roberrt Marshall (Brunswick)
Frances MacDonald (Old Orchard Beach)
Natasha Mayers (Whitefield)
Elaine McGillicuddy (Portland)
James Murphy (Farmington)
Mary Murphy (Portland)
John Olsen (Jefferson)
James Palmer (Stetson)
Rosalie Paul (Georgetown)
Jean Parker (Brunswick)
Peace Action Maine (Portland)
Tina Phillips (Brunswick)
Olive Pierce (Rockland)
Claire Prontnicki (Waterville)
Peter Rees (Trenton)
Phyllis Rees (Trenton)
Lawrence Reichard (Rockland)
Denis Rioux (Winslow)
Enid Sharp (Brunswick)
Robert Shetterly (Brooksville)
Ursula Slavick (Portland)
William Slavick (Portland)
Richard Stander (Stockton Springs)
Elizabeth Streeter (Portland)
Mary Beth Sullivan (Bath)
Bob Walter (Kennebunk)
William Whitney (South Paris)

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