Last Dance Before Bar Closes

[There is still time to participate. Send email to with your name and town.
Then send a donation if you can to: Global Network,  PO Box 652, Brunswick 04011. 
Then, mark your calendar for the rally in Augusta on April 4th, and plan to bring a friend.
As Bruce says, if we don’t do it, the people of Maine won’t hear about it. See — JR]
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Date: March 8, 2011 3:28:16 PM EST
To: “Peaceworks” <>
Subject: Last Dance Before Bar Closes
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Thanks to those signers listed below we now are prepared to purchase full-page signature ads in three popular Maine weekly papers.  Besides The Forecaster (four editions) and the Capital Weekly we’ve now, in consultation with the Peace & Justice Center of Eastern Maine, decided to buy an ad in The Maine Edge which runs in the Bangor area.  So all together this gives us a combined circulation of 95,500 copies throughout the state.  Add in our WBACH radio spots on their three stations and we will be reaching many Mainers with this message.  (All of this will run the week of March 21-26.)


We will still take names until noon on March 10.


Your next job will be to help us get folks to the state capital on April 4 at 11:00 am for our rally.


Having sat for more than five hours in the Appropriations Committee hearings yesterday in Augusta I can assure you that no one else is making this important demand to Bring Our War $$ Home.  If we don’t do it the people of Maine won’t hear about it.  But we are doing it and we ‘ain’t gonna stop’!


Thanks again to all of you.


Bruce Gagnon

Bring Our War $$ Home



We the undersigned are outraged that our nation remains at war after 10 long years of fruitless killing in Iraq-Afghanistan-Pakistan. Maine’s share of war spending since 2001 has been $3.4 billion (  Those dollars could have been used to fund education, health care, and other human needs in our state. Many more of our tax dollars will be wasted as long as these wars continue. We call upon all of Maine’s local, state, and federal elected officials to speak out and tell President Obama and Congress to Bring Our War $$ Home now. We must all begin to make the connections between endless war spending and our economic crisis here at home.
Join us on Monday, April 4 at 11:00 am in the Hall of Flags in Augusta for a rally to Bring Our War $$ Home.
Anthony Aman (Penobscot)
Susan Amelia Allein (Fairfield)
Sue Andersen (Portland)
Cushman Anthony (North Yarmouth)
Alan Athearn (Rockland)
Norma Athearn (Rockland)
Richard Atlee (Southwest Harbor)
Debbie Atwood, Town Council (Brunswick)
Stephen R. Aucoin (Waterville)
Margret Baldwin (Surry)
Dovey Balsam (Industry)
Richard Bamforth (Augusta)
Elizabeth Barrington (Portland)
Leo Barrington (Portland)
Marlene Barter (Arrowsic)
Patricia Baumhoff (Norway)
Carole Beal (Blue Hill)
Stephen Benson (Blue Hill)
John Bernard (South Portland)
Seth Berner (Portland)
Katrina Bisheimer (Bucksport)
Dorothy Blanchette (Falmouth)
Tim Blanchette (Falmouth)
Rev. Bill Bliss (Bath)
Lynn Bradbury (Lubec) 
Grace Braley (Portland)
Henry Braun (Weld)
Joan Braun (Weld)
Anne Brautigam (Brunswick)
Richard Brautigam (Brunswick)
Sally Breen (Windham)
Carol W. Brewster (Manchester)
David Bright (Dixmont)
Jean Hay Bright (Dixmont)
Robin E. Brooks (Topsham)
Flora Brown (Arundel)
Lucy Brown (Freeport)
Simon Brown (Portland)
Christopher Bryan (Fairfield)
Diane Bryan (Fairfield)
John Buell (Southwest Harbor)
Susan Covino Buell (Southwest Harbor)
Steve Burke (Warren)
Jerry Call (Rockland)
Steve Carroll (Portland)
Richard Cate (Winter Harbor)
David W. Chipman (Harpswell)
Kathe Chipman (Harpswell)
Russ Christensen (Farmington)
Robert Chute (Poland)
Joe Ciarrocca (Brunswick)
Alan Clemence (Charleston)
Richard Clement (Pittston)
Rita Clement (Pittston)
Beth Clifford (Perry)
Phyllis Coelho (Belfast)
Marti Collins (Woolwich)
Joe Conroy (Portland)
Bill Coop (Brunswick)
Joan Coop (Brunswick)
Anni Cooper (Freeport)
Dean Corbin (Woodstock)
Doug Cowan (Blue Hill)
Chris Crittenden (Lubec)
Keeley Cronin (Farmington)
Michael Cutting (Portland)
Jim Czimbal (Scarborough)
Judi Czimbal (Scarborough)
Bob Dale (Brunswick)
Larry Dansinger (Monroe)
Morgen D’Arc (Portland)
Christine A. DeTroy (Brunswick)
Jacqui Deveneau (Old Orchard Beach)
Christina Diebold (Bangor)
Arthur Dole (Trenton)
Marjorie Dole (Trenton)
Jane Donelon (Brunswick)
Frank Donnelly (Portland)
Mary Donnelly (Peaks Island)
Mike Donnelly (Peaks Island)
Paul Drinan (Portland)
Elektra Nancy Duncan (Camden)
Punnie Edgerton (Brunswick)
Ruth Elkin (Portland)
Dan Ellis (Brunswick)
Jamilla El-Shafei (Kennebunk)
Susan Emmerling (Mount Vernon)
Jeffrey Evangelos (Friendship)
Suzanne Ewing (Portland)
James Fereira (Portland)
Richard Flanagan (Fairfield)
Kimberly Folts (Bath)
Ananur Forma (Rockland)
Jade Forrester (Farmington)
Bruce K. Gagnon (Bath)
Nancy Galland (Stockston Springs)
Sarah Gauvin (Farmington)
Luke Gizinski  (Lewiston)
Starr Gilmartin (Trenton)
Global Network Against Weapons & Nuclear Power in Space
Debra Gordon (Freeport)
Karen Greenberg (Bar Harbor)
Ron Greenberg (Bar Harbor)
John Grill (Woolwich)
Dorothy Haggie (Bath)
Cynthia Handlen (Gilead)
Tree Harmon (Bath)
Kate Harris (Belfast)
Mary Ann Harty (Topsham)
Thomas Harty (Topsham)
Mary Ann Hayes (Orono)
Robert Hayes, D.O. (Winslow)
Mary Heath (Brunswick)
Suzanne F. Hedrick (Nobleboro)
Dud Hendrick (Deer Isle)
Jean Hendrick (Deer Isle)
Eric Henry (Southwest Harbor)
Kate Russell Henry (Southwest Harbor)
William Hessian (Portland)
Gary Higginbottom (Portland)
Matt Hight (Biddeford)
Amanda Hoag (Bath)
Jeannette Hoffenkamp (Kennebunk)
Herbert Hoffman (Ogunquit)
Ann L. Holland, MD (Bangor)
Julian Holmes (Wayne)
Fred Horch (Brunswick)
Cynthia Howard (Biddeford Pool)
Dick Hoyt (Lubec)
The Rev. Carol L. Huntington (Bath)
Robert Ingalls (Mount Vernon)
Cathy Jacobs (Ellsworth)
Jeff Jacobs (Ellsworth)
Dick Jarrett (Limington)
Connie Jenkins (Orono)
Sam Jenkins (Orono)
Anne Johnson (Hollis)
Eric A. Johnson (Southwest Harbor)
Erik Johnson (Hollis)
Jeanne Johnson (Brunswick)
Dexter Kamilewicz (Orr’s Island)
Gretchen Kamilewicz (Orr’s Island)
Ted Kehn
Marty Kelley (Orono)
Fritz Kempner (Woolwich)
Natalie Kempner (Woolwich)
Judd Esty-Kendall (Orono)
Charles King (Woolwich)
Vera King (Woolwich)
Jane Kircher (Biddeford)
Thomas Kircher (Biddeford)
Marcia Kola (Deer Isle)
Vaino Kola (Deer Isle)
Louise Koszalka (Rockland)
Becky Koulouris (Brunswick)
Ira Kramer (Veazie)
Debbie Leighton (West Bath)
Bob Lezer (Freeport)
Paul Linet (Freeport)
Susan Linet, MD (Freeport)
Grace Livingston (Veazie)
Jane Livingston (Veazie)
Loukie Lofchie (Brunswick)
Stan Lofchie (Brunswick)
Matt Loosigian (Brunswick)
Dan Lourie (Bozeman, MT)
Tyrrell Lourie (Bozeman, MT)
Annie Lunt (Augusta)
Audrey Marra (Wayne)
Robert Marshall (Brunswick)
Helyne May (Windham)
Natasha Mayers (Whitefield)
Wells Staley-Mays (Portland)
Frances MacDonald (Old Orchard Beach)
Kate MacKay (Georgetown)
Kathleen McGee (Bowdoinham)
Elaine McGillicuddy (Portland)
Lewis McGregor (Hope)
George Metes (Bailey Island)
Alice Meyer (Brunswick)
Midcoast Peace and Justice Group (Rockland)
Gail Moffat (Brunswick)
Max Moreau (Livermore Falls)
Nicole Moreau (Farmington)
Catherine Morse (Penobscot)
Claire Mortimer (Brooklin)
James Murphy (Farmington)
Mary Murphy (Portland)
Diana Ramsdell Newman (Southwest Harbor)
Nancy M. Nickerson  (Portland)
Jon Olsen (Jefferson)
Casey O’Malley (Farmington)
George Kehoe Ostensen (Hope)
Maureen Kehoe Ostensen (Hope)
Jerry Provencher (Bath)
James Palmer (Stetson)
Stephanie Parent (Farmington)
Rosalie Paul (Georgetown)
Jean Parker (Brunswick)
T. J. Parker (Farmington)
Pax Christi Maine
Portland Pax Christi
Peace Action Maine (Portland)
Peace & Justice Center of Eastern Maine (Bangor)
Greater Brunswick Peaceworks
James Perley (Windham)
Gregory Phelan (Brunswick)
Paul Phillippy (Farmington)
Tina Phillips (Brunswick)
Olive Pierce (Rockland)
Bonnie Preston (Blue Hill)
Laura Price (Houlton)
Claire Prontnicki (Waterville)
Brian Noyes Pulling (Cornville)  
Mary Ellen Quinn (Winterport)
Patrick Quinn (Winterport)
Edwin Ranzoni (Bucksport)
Patricia Ranzoni (Bucksport)
Doug Rawlings
Phyllis Reames (Portland)
Peter Rees (Trenton)
Phyllis Rees (Trenton)
Brian Reeves (South Portland)
Lawrence Reichard (Rockland)
John Rensenbrink (Topsham)
Richard Rhames (Biddeford)
June Rieber (Winter Harbor)
Denis Rioux (Winslow)
Judith Robbins (Sedgwick)
Peter Robbins (Sedgwick)
Mark Roman (Solon)
Harrison Roper (Houlton)
Marilyn Roper (Houlton)
Sebastian Rose (Farmington)
Don Rudalevige (Cape Elizabeth)
Sue Rudalevige (Cape Elizabeth)
Christina Rusnov (Winslow)
Sasha Hayes-Rusnov (Winslow)
Jean Sanborn (Bailey Island)
Enid Sharp (Brunswick)
Lisa Savage (Solon)
Elizabeth Schiller (Waterville)
Robert Shetterly (Brooksville)
Bonnie Shulman (Auburn)
Anna Grant Sibley (Gorham)
Donald N. Sibley (Gorham)
Linda Silvia (South China)
Samantha Simmons (Farmington)
Les Simon (Jonesboro)
Victor Skorapa (Brunswick)
Ursula Slavick (Portland)
William Slavick (Portland)
Jody Spear (Brooksville)
Richard Stander (Stockton Springs)
Chris Stark (Winterport)
Francine Stark (Winterport)
Herschel Sternlieb (Brunswick)
Selma Sternlieb (Brunswick)
Elizabeth Streeter (Portland)
Melanie Strout (Farmington)
Tom Sturtevant (Winthrop)
Mary Beth Sullivan (Bath)
Patricia Taub (Portland)
Carol Toroomian (Brunswick)
Alexandra Valente (Farmington)
Peter Vose (Falmouth)
Karen Wainberg (Bath)
Carolyn Waite (Sedgwick)
Parker Waite (Sedgwick)
Bob Walter (Kennebunk)
Levi Wark (Phippsburg)
Gerald Weinand, Dirigo Blue (Rockland)
Barbara West (Arrowsic)
Shanna Wheelock (Lubec)
Carole Whelan (Hope)
Richard Whelan (Hope)
Susan Whitby (Southwest Harbor)
Lucinda E. White (Freeport)
William Whitney (South Paris)
Flo Wilder (Sullivan)
Molly Willcox (Westport Island)
Judy Williams (Belfast)
Lynne Williams (Bar Harbor)
Rev. Mark D. Wilson (Bath)
Kristina Wolff (Farmington)
Peter Woodruff (Arrowsic)
Betty Wurtz (New Gloucester)
Connie Wurtz (New Gloucester)
Margaret Zack (Porter)
Peter Zack (Porter)

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