Launching Fireweed Herbs!

For those who want to support an herbal enterprise in Unity:

Begin forwarded message:

Date: March 31, 2012 2:34:40 PM EDT
Subject: Launching Fireweed Herbs!
I was wondering if you could forward this email around on your lists, if
you like it, that is?
Hello Dear Friends!
Welcome to springtime! Up here in central Maine, the maples are budding
out, the creek is roaring through our backyard, and the chickens are
laying eggs all over the place!  As most of you know, last summer I landed
in a little cabin at South Paw Farm with big dreams about a huge medicinal
herb garden and forest gardens of endangered woodland plants.  This
season, I’m trying to sow the seeds of that dream!  I made a real simple
webpage that explains the project a bit more (with a video – so
high-tech!) and a plea for some funds to be able to get a greenhouse off
the ground and buy start-up supplies like tincture bottles and seed trays.  is the link to the video!
I don’t have that facebook thing, so if you feel so inclined to help
spread this around to anyone who might be interested in community
supported herbalism, it would help me out tremendously!
With love and reverence,
Becca Sender of Fireweed Herbals

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