Lynne Stewart Great Breaking news!

From: Jeff Mackler <>

Please forward widely and immediately…

Lynne Stewart Great Breaking News!

Dear Friends of Lynne Stewart and Mumia Abu-Jamal,
I just learned a few moments ago that federal probation officers in New York visited members of Lynne’s family today to ascertain whether they could provide adequate Brooklyn, New York facilities for Lynne to live and be cared for.
Of course, the family confirmed this immediately.
While we must use extreme caution in predicting an immediate and positive outcome from this fact, we can state that government procedures with regard to granting the compassionate release that tens of thousands around the world have demanded include recommendations or administrative procedures from the Bureau of Prisons to the presiding judge in Lynne’ case.
This is Federal District Court Judge John Koeltl who, it appears, has the authority to direct federal probation officers to investigate whether a suitable facility for Lynne’s care is available if Lynne were to be transferred to her desired medical facility, in the case, the world renown Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York.
Lynne emailed me  yesterday to state that her second chemotherapy treatment was only partially successful in reducing her metastasized breast cancer in the area of her lymph nodes and sternum. But the cancerous spots on her lugs remain unchanged.
Now more than ever, first rate medical care is critical to save Lynne’s life and continue her battle for freedom.
Lynne has cautioned us all to not let up in this battle. “Like a tree that grows in Brooklyn,” says Lynne in an illusion to the 1943 Betty Smith novel of a poor Irish-American family’s struggle to establish roots and live a decent live in early twentieth century Brooklyn, “I will not be content until my feet are firmly planted in my Brooklyn home.”
It appears that the worldwide campaign for compassionate release for Lynne has taken root. But this is not the time for speculation with regard to the exigencies of America’s criminal “justice” system.
Lynne’s live still hangs by a string. She survived the horrific ordeal of two chemotherapy treatments that nearly ended it and had to be confined to a hospital isolation ward when her white blood count fell to dangerously low levels.
Her cancer has been in part and temporarily restrained, but not the malignant tumors that persist in her lungs.
Demand compassionate release  for Lynne now! Sign the petition to do so in any of the following manners depending on the state of your computer.
1)   Go to Lynne’s website at and click on “Justice for  Lynne Stewart.” Follow the directions on the right side of the first page.
2) Sign the petition on the site. 
3. Another way is to include the link directly to the site in an email message or article
This leads people to the site directly and with one click and we lead people to Lynne’s website.
It’s easy enough to locate the petition on the site – there is a search option in the browser and Lynne Stewart leads people to the petition site. Also, the petition has been listed as one of the “popular” human rights petitions from the beginning.
3. Some people will have difficulty using the site. Either their server is too slow, their computer a few years old and the browser software too old. There is a note on the petition site telling people what to do. In that case they send their message of support to Ralph Potnter is Lynne’s lifelong companion, husband and leader of her national defense.  
Stay on the alert to attend a possible New York court hearing wherein Judge Koeltl may make a final determination on Lynne’s demand for compassionate release.
Finally, send your generous donation payable to the LYNNE STEWART ORGANIZATION  and mail it to:
1070 Dean Street, Brooklyn, New York 11216
Act now!
In solidarity and for Lynne’s freedom and life itself,
Jeff Mackler, West Coast Coordinator, Lynne Stewart Defense Committee  510-268-9429
Note: Jeff Mackler is available for West Coast fundraising and  speaking engagements on Lynne’s case. 
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