Maine Veterans for Peace, Ch.001 notice for February 23

VFP Retreat Press Release
Contact Person:
            Dud Hendrick
Veterans for Peace Schedule Retreat
Augusta Meeting to Feature Maine Filmmaker, Regis Tremblay, his work and Support Bradley Manning Demonstration
Maine’s Tom Sturtevant Chapter of Veterans for Peace will convene its annual retreat at the Viles Arboretum in Augusta, Saturday, February 23rd.   These veterans represent the founding chapter of what has become one of the most prominent nation-wide organizations dedicated to working for peace.
Chapter President, Richard Clement (Pittston) reports the meeting will convene at 9:00am and will feature a documentary presented by filmmaker and member Regis Tremblay of Woolwich.  Titled “Jeju Island of Peace:  In the Crosshairs of War”, the film chronicles Tremblay’s recent visit to a Korean Island where he witnessed the demonstrations and arrests of Koreans opposed to the construction of a U.S. and Korean naval base that has contributed to an escalation of hostilities in the region.
Members will recess for a demonstration (11:30 to noon) on the Kennebec River Bridge on Bridge-Cony St in support of whistle-blower Bradley Manning.  The U.S. Army private has been accused of allegedly damaging national security by releasing documents to Wikileaks that exposed war crimes and abusive conduct within the U.S. military in the Iraq war.   February 23rd, the day of this and many similar demonstrations across the country (see, will mark the 1000th day Manning has been imprisoned and subjected to inhumane conditions while being denied due process.  The veterans encourage all citizens concerned about the violation of Manning’s fundamental rights to bring appropriate signs and to join them.  Parking is available at the Augusta City Hall on Bridge St.
The Tom Sturtevant Chapter of VFP, one of two in the state has over 150 members.  Veterans for Peace now has 130 chapters across the country and over 5000 members.  They are dedicated to serving the cause of world peace and to abolishing war as an instrument of national policy.  Monthly business meetings are convened at various locations in the state.  Veterans who share a commitment to non-violence are encouraged to attend.  Additionally, associate membership is available to non-veterans who share an interest in working for world peace.  For additional information regarding meetings and the Support Bradley Manning rally contact Dud Hendrick ( 

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