March 23rd Trial in Augusta for Occupy protest at Paul LePage’s house

For anyone wanting to support one of the nine people arrested for criminal trespass at the Blaine House as part of an Occupy Augusta protest there in late November. Please pass along to others you might want to come and support Diane Messer in Augusta on March 23.

Larry Dansinger

Begin forwarded message:

From: Phil Worden <>
Date: March 20, 2012 4:16:10 PM EDT

Subject: March 23rd Trial
This is to remind everyone that Diane Messer’s trial for criminal trespass arising from the November 27th Occupy Augusta protest at the Blaine House is set for Friday, March 23, 2012 in the Augusta Superior Court.  Lynne and I will be there at 8 AM.  Although 9 people were arrested and face trial, this trial is ONLY on Diane.  The rest of the defendants have to wait until the April docket call to find the status of their cases.  Lynne and I met with Diane last week to plan trial strategy.  We want to keep the trial clean and straight-forward with the focus on: 1) was the order to leave lawful?  2) Did Diane have a constitutional right under either the Maine or federal constitutions to engage in the activities she engaged in? and 3)  Did Diane believe she had a right to engage in these activities under either constitution?  We believe we can keep these issues in focus by having Diane be our sole witness.  We anticipate that the State will call at least two officers, including Chief Gauvin, and may call many others as well.  We will be filing a written Memorandum on the Free Speech and Right to Petition for Redress of Grievances and written requests for jury instructions on the elements of criminal trespass and what the State must prove beyond a reasonable doubt to show that Diane had the required criminal intent and subjective knowledge to commit criminal trespass.  Diane will stand alone at the bar but hopefully supporters will pack the court room to show that she is not alone in this struggle.  Phil

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