Mark your calendars for March 19th in Augusta..G

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Larry Dansinger

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Date: February 28, 2011 11:06:55 AM EST

Subject: Mark your calendars for March 19th in Augusta..G

March 19 is the anniversary of the US invasion of Iraq.
 Instead of a day of mourning for the tragedy Senator Susan Collins and others inflicted upon so
many, Collins will celebrate that day of infamy by being inducted into The Maine Woman’s Hall of Fame.
The ceremony coincides with the celebration of Margaret C. Smith during Women’s History Month.
Military Families Speak Out is organizing an action around this event. It will be solemn and peaceful.
We hope all our peaceful friends will join us. Let’s not be silent and invisible. Let’s not help people ignore
what was done to our country, our military personnel, and the many innocent men, women and children of Iraq.
Further details will follow.  A solemn dignified demeanor will strengthen our message
In Peace
Carole Whelan
MFSO Maine
1:PM : tea, reception and induction
Jewett Hall
UMA campus, Augusta

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