May Day Workers All Celebration, 1-2 PM, May 1, outside State Capitol, Augusta

May Day Workers All Celebration
Outside the State Capitol Building (front steps), 1-2 PM, Wednesday, May 1. Please Join Us!
Workers All,
May Day is an important marker for anyone who works. And that’s all of us. 
Recognition of the power and necessity of workers evolved out of —-
“As the Industrial Revolution began to reshape America, industrial accidents became commonplace. Between 1888 and 1908, 700,000 American workers were killed in industrial accidents— approximately 100 every day.”
100 a day. The drive for corporate profit can have deadly consequences. 
Today. Today we fight the same forces not in an industrial frontier but a techno-robotic one,
the constant being a corporate choke hold on what we produce and for whose profit.
So.  May Day.  We should come together on the steps of the state capitol to remember—
“In addition to providing brutal working conditions, employers also held wages as low as possible. Efforts by employees to obtain relief from these abuses by organizing strikes and seeking the passage of protective legislation provoked a fierce reaction from corporate owners. Private police forces brutalized those attempting to organize labor unions and lawyers and lobbyists flooded the U.S. Capitol and state legislaters.  —-“
We may not be dying at the rate of 100 a day but we are dying by inches and in droves.
It’s time to rally and get the discussion going. To honor our ancestors for uniting ! to ensure their and our rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness — which are once again being pulled from our grasp.  
Workers rights are human rights! They are not always freely given,
they must be remembered and fought for when threatened.  
If only 5 of you reading this show up on the steps this May Day — that will be a start.  
Bring a sign, bring a flag, bring something to say, bring your heart —
for 1 hour.  1 o’clock May Day. Capitol steps.

In recognition of all workers in all times whose strength and united combine to craft
 a difference in the balance
for life, liberty, and happiness, in a world worth our work. 

quotes are from Al Gore’s “The Future”
End of plea,
Jenny Gray
Wiscasst, Maine  

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