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CODEPINK co-founder Medea Benjamin speaking in Maine
                                               July 11-17 with new book on drone warfare
PORTLAND– Increasing alarm is widespread among activists and intellectuals nationwide about the use of killer drones in modern warfare. Medea Benjamin will address this in a presentation of her new book Drone Warfare: Killing by Remote Control, a comprehensive look at how drones are being used to assassinate people around the world, the legal and moral implications, and how to build a movement to rein in the drones. It also looks at how drones are coming to local police departments, and what that means for our privacy rights.

“In this remarkably cogent and carefully researched book, Medea Benjamin makes it clear that drones are not just another high-tech military trinket,” Barbara Ehrenreich, author of Nickel and Dimed, wrote about the book. “Drone Warfare sketches out the nightmare possibilities posed by this insane proliferation.”

Drone Warfare explores the growing menace of robotic warfare, with an extensive analysis of who is producing the drones, where they are being used, who “pilots” these unmanned planes, who are the victims and what are the legal and moral implications. In vivid, readable style, the book also looks at what activists, lawyers and scientists are doing to ground the drones, and ways to move forward.

In reality, writes Benjamin, the assassinations we are carrying out via drones will come back to haunt us when others start doing the same thing-to us.
Wednesday July 11 – Portland  6:30-7:30PM 
Univ.of Southern Maine[USM] Book Store
35 Bedford St.- Portland
Contact Person: Pat Taub   
Thursday July 12 – Brunswick – 7PM 
Curtis Memorial Library – Morrell Room
Contact Person: Bruce Gagnon
Friday July 13 – Midcoast Venues

The Camden Public Library – 2:30 to 4PM

55 Main Street – Camden

Midcoast Friends Meeting – 7 to 9PM

77 Belvedere Road – Damariscotta


Contact Person: Steve Burke


Saturday July 14 – Belfast

1PM We’re thinking of doing interviews with local press

4pm-9 pm The event:

  • 4 pm Event begins  with snacks & wine (donated by a sponsor or two, hopefully) – outdoors, if it isn’t raining, in front of the Shrine Club. Weather permitting, tables will be set up on front lawn with sponsors literature and volunteers. Live music will be playing and possibly a puppet show or other events will be taking place. Art works inspired by CODE PINK or Medea Benjamin’s book will be inside for people to view.
  • 4:30 pm we move inside where Medea Benjamin will begin a 1/2 hour talk, followed by 1/2 hour Q & A / comments.
  • 5:30 pm Medea Benjamin signs books, while volunteers set out the potluck supper buffet.
  • 6:00 pm, we eat, chat, and digest the food brought from participants – local food emphasis? Live music in background.
  • 7:00 pm, community theatrical performance directed by Larraine Brown (on CODE PINK-inspired theme or Medea Benjamin’s book), followed by other possible skits, performances.
  • After the performances, folks wander outside in the front of the Shrine Hall, take a walk through the City bayside Park, and generally hang out together while clean-up crew launches into washing dishes and cleaning up the kitchen


Contact Person:Jennifer Hill


Sunday July 15 – Monday July 16

Mini Vaca For Medea



Tuesday July 17 – Ellsworth 6:30PM

Ellsworth City Hall, 1 City hall Plaza

6:30PM – Gather for light refreshments and networking. 

7PM – Medea’s program/presentation, including audience Q&A, begins , after which Medea will autograph her book, “Drone Warfare: Killing by Remote Control.”

Contact Person: Beth Adams

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