"Mother Earth Water Walk" needs your support while in Maine!

In case any of you can help out, contact madohuntjens@gmail.com or pollinators@beehivecollective.org. This walk begins May 7 in Machias. 

Note list of ways you can help near the bottom. 

Begin forwarded message:
From: kehben grier <cantastoria@riseup.net>
Date: April 26, 2011 9:28:50 PM EDT

Subject: an important help yelp from the Bees! The incredible “Mother Earth Water Walk” needs your support while in Maine!

Hi friends,

I hope this chirp of a dry email can convey even a whisp of the incredibly beautiful opportunity and effort i’m writing you about…

Here’s the shiny jist: 

Beginning on May 7th, a handful of First Nations elders, youngins, and supporters both native and non-native will start off on an amazing journey together.  They will be collecting a copper bucket of Ocean water from the Bay of Machias, here in Eastern Maine, and WALKING this water, rich with meaning and healing energy, across the state, over through eastern Canada, and ALL THE WAY to Lake Superior! Over 10,400,000 focused footsteps…  and if that isn’t ambitious enough, this walk is only one of the legs of walks coming from all Four Directions of North America!  These long and heartfelt simultaneous journeys, aiming to call attention to our need to honor Water, will be converging in Bad River, Wisconsin on June 12th.  The water will then be ceremoniously united in Lake Superior, where the Anishinaabe people, also known as the Ojibwe, Odawa and Potawatomi, are the caretakers of the eastern woodlands and the Great Lakes, the largest freshwater system on Earth. 

www.motherearthwaterwalk.com and “Water Walk 2011” on Facebook

This journey, albeit rapidly approaching, offers us here in Maine a VERY rare and special opportunity to give loving and logistical support to an Aboriginally-directed project that is ambitiously taking leadership on highlighting the multitude of issues facing our relationship with Water.  I personally believe that it is imperative that we do our part in making sure that this Walk is well hosted, assisted, promoted and cared for as they spend six days crossing the state diagonally from Machias to Coburn Gore. The jist of the path is from Machias to Bangor along Route One, then towards Skowhegan/Athens along Route 2, then up to Coburn Gore where they will be crossing into Canada.

Here at the Beehive Collective, based in Machias, we have taken on offering our facilities as staging grounds for the initial gathering of walkers and volunteers that will begin arriving on the 5th of May, to begin work on arranging the details of their launch ceremony at Picture Rock, one of the most important Petroglyph sites on the Eastern Seaboard, in collaboration with local Passamaquoddy folks, on the morning of the 7th.  There is much to do, in a short time, to make sure that the walkers are able to maintain their energy and high spirits after this joyous launch…. I am writing you because we VERY MUCH need your assistance to not only support this effort as it blesses us with its path, but also to seize the opportunity for education and goosebumps that this incredible STORY gifts to us.

and so here’s the rub: 
With all of our Bees already maxed out simultaneously touring all over the country, and only three of us here in Machias presently, we are straight up OVERWHELMED by this opportunity, and really do need YOU to put a paw in on making sure this moment realizes it potential. Because the Walk is beginning here in our hood (Wow! Here! In Machias!), we would ideally like to focus our short-staff of Bee love on that piece of the puzzle, full force. AND also focus on another aspect of support to the larger continental effort that we have initiated, a small poster that we whipped together over the past week (wheeee! the First Draft is attached!), that we believe will be enormously helpful to the fundraising and long-term educational effort of this project.  This paragraph here is already a BIG bite, and so, uhm, guys… you still reading?  can anyone else throw down for other parts of Maine?

SO, if you’re getting this message, it’s because we know you are a stellar organizer and human and love the crap out of Maine, have a soft spot for try-hards, and can prolly think of at least one (or more!) shiny ways to be of assistance to this SUPER rad Grandmother Cricket posse!
 (if Grandmother Crickets don’t make your heart sing just yet, watch this: )

Below is a list of the ways in which you can be of assistance.  Please give a shout back to let us know what you’re thinking, and so we can connect you with others that are putting in their piece… If you’d like to connect with the main organizer for the Eastern Direction, her name is Madeleine Huntjens, she’s a wonderfully friendly, capable, and presently WAY overworked soul, and her email is madohuntjens@gmail.com.  She knows the whole puzzle even better than us…  If you’d like to connect about the Machias send-off, give a call to the Hive 207-669-4117.

Thanks SO much for reading this! 

much love and solidarity,
Kehben Grier
for the bees at www.beehivecollective.org

Here’s the main things super needed right now:

—PROMOTION of the Story of the Walk to media outlets across the state. Really. What a story! 

—helping translate the MESSAGING that the Water Walk has presently to appeal to ANYONE in Maine as something they should be excited to know about, and make the effort to support. (we can send you an email that has links to all the present press release, articles, etc.)

—WALKERS and support DRIVERS to join in for any amount of time!  The Walk is done relay style, so those only able to do small distances are welcome, and are able to rest in accompanying support vehicles inbetween.  Women are needed specifically to help carry the Water.  Men are needed to help carry the Eagle Staff, especially on the Northwestern Maine (Bangor to Coborn Gore) leg of the walk. Walkers can be non-indigenous… a VERY special opportunity and honor!

 —PENNIES for the Support Mother Earth Water Walk penny drive! (Larger donations, too! There’s a super beautiful Pennies Poster, we can send you the file.)

 —Help with POSTING posters (contact us for download links!) around the state, especially along the areas in which the walk will be passing through

 —Offering HOST SITES along the walking path. (There’s a link to the path at the bottom of this email.)

 —SUPPLIES, such as First Aid (especially foot oriented supplies such as bandages, moleskin), Gas cards (to help refuel vehicles), Food donations (especially quick snacks for eating while walking)

 —Help identifying safe clean WATER sources along the Water Walk for when walkers need to refill their water supply

 —CHEERING ON by watching via the website/Water Walk GPS locator for when the group will be passing through your area. www.emptyglassforwater.ca


a couple more links for you:

how to see more details of the poster we’re making for the Walk:  http://www.facebook.com/media/set/fbx/?set=a.1973789909874.2121053.1396833804&l=bf8d62fcdf

the walking route across Maine:  http://maps.google.com/maps?f=d&source=s_d&saddr=Unknown+road&daddr=1+Elm+Street,+Machias,+ME+to:44.64009,-67.63743+to:Mano+en+Mano+|+Hand+in+Hand,+Milbridge,+Main+Street,+ME+to:44.53107,-68.36392+to:44.52805,-68.39173+to:bangor,+me+to:44.80608,-68.90285+to:athens,+ME+to:stratton,+ME+to:Coburn+Gore,+ME&geocode=Ffy5qQIdUdX7-w%3BFWpFqgId56_6-ymXzmpc8s2oTDHBmRmGTaEXhQ%3BFVonqQIdSu_3-ynDvlLGOSuvTDH8Q67oYxYZSg%3BFQCPpwIdQTj0-yEpL2yfUCyIIw%3BFX59pwIdcNns-yl1iwpGSO6uTDFV96YpHTUSjg%3BFbJxpwIdzmzs-ylBjueuIe6uTDEM0DLxE_u6KA%3BFZ6cqwIdqojm-ym9KREQRkuuTDF3dq-nsBgJTQ%3BFcCvqwIdPqDk-ymNYrJtDDWuTDGQg8ce31zUKg%3BFep4rQIdguDY-ynrfLGwE8qxTDHAYHot04I–Q%3BFbe5sAId8fnM-ynVdvI55d-wTDFdDVz-MnC13A%3BFY9utAIdMaDH-ylx8T0qoc6wTDHccfMYlbyF7w&hl=en&mra=dpe&mrsp=7&sz=12&via=2,4,5,7&dirflg=w&sll=44.837126,-68.940239&sspn=0.18819,0.328217&ie=UTF8&ll=45.266671,-70.558662&spn=0.186782,0.328217&z=12

pdf iconCartoon for Water Walk.pdf

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