No Class to meet on Saturday, May 4, at B Street Comm. Center in Lewiston, noon-3 PM to work on ending classism in Maine

Please pass along to others in your group or area. Thanks.

To anyone concerned about class issues and acting to end classism and class discrimination in Maine:

No Class ( a group formed to end class discrimination) will be meeting again on May 4 from noon- 3 PM at the B Street Community Center, 57 Birch St., Lewiston, to tell our stories about class and classism. Craig Saddlemire, a local filmmaker who has done a film on another local group, the Visible Community, will help us to film some more stories on class and classism. 
We will also look at other projects and actions for No Class in the future. We’ll start with a potluck at noon (no kitchen so hard to heat food up, tho there is a microwave available), followed by stories and ideas for future projects from about 1 to 3 PM. 
We did audio recording of some of our experiences in our previous meeting, which will be posted on the No Class website very soon, hopefully before our May 4 meeting, which you can go to at Many thanks to Drew Joy for setting up this site. 
We hope you will be there on Saturday, May 4, to tell your story and/or listen to others and give your ideas for the future. 
Larry Dansinger

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