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Hello to those concerned about our national budget priorities:

At a Bring Our War Dollars Home meeting in March, that group agreed to support a Penny Poll Project campaign, to have a Penny Poll in every county in Maine during the spring, and then make a big splash with the results, which would be a small version of a statewide referendum on military spending.

That project is proceeding, but not as fast or as broadly as I had hoped. There have been or are polls in a number of counties in Maine, but not all. Results so far demonstrate that the public wants a lot more money spent on human needs and a lot less spent on “defense.”

So, I am asking for YOUR help in completing this project. A summary of the project is available from me.

While many counties in the middle of Maine are covered, several counties on the edges are not. Those include York County, Portland/ Cumberland County, Washington County, Aroostook County, and maybe Penobscot, Lincoln, and Oxford Counties. IF YOU LIVE IN ONE OF THESE COUNTIES AND CAN HELP TO SET UP AND/OR DO THE POLL, PLEASE CONTACT ME. And if you are not in one of those areas but can help with a poll, please contact me as well. We need help in all parts of Maine to give these polls the attention they deserve.

I feel strongly that this strategy can make clear to Maine people where we as Mainers want our tax dollars to go, and that our responses are inconsistent with what our US representatives and senators are voting for. At the same time, we are giving those who participate in the poll the feeling that they SHOULD have some say in this process but are left out by the influence of corporations and influential individuals.

I hope we will have 10-12 counties covered by the beginning of June, but a push (with your help) would enable us to cover all 16 counties and have a referendum on military spending that should influence public opinion and policy, something that is much needed. Help the Penny Poll Project accomplish its goals.

Please contact me if you can help or have any questions about the Penny Poll Project. I HAVE A COMPLETE DESCRIPTION OF HOW TO DO IT, SO IT’S EASIER THAN IT SOUNDS. Thanks.

Larry Dansinger, (207) 525-7776 or rosc@psouth.net

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