Notes from Peninsula Peace meeting May 1st

May 1st PPJ meeting

present: Steven, Bonnie, Ron, Peter, Judy

Announcement: Peter noted that the current issue of AAA New England magazine has a feature article (as an attraction for tourists) on the beauty and historic nature of Searsport. Interesting timing.
Topic: Steve showed a short video of an interview with Congressman Jim McDermott and his many years of efforts to bring the problem of DU (depleted uranium) weapons and exposure to the attention of Congress for (at least) study. The Congressman expressed frustration with the lack of political will to address or even acknowledge the issue, let alone commit to a comprehensive study and consideration of reparations. To view the interview, go to VICE.COM and search for McDermott DU. Steve will write to Congressman Michaud to alert him to the effort.
Topic: Planning for the Field of Flags. Reviewed the various design options and the meeting which took place at the field on May 15th. The decision is to go ahead with the design favored at the May 15th gathering, which is to use approx. 3000 flags, filling the field space, with different spacing (more open) and a large (30 foot) circle in the center, which will be a walking path around a central circular display of prayer flags, to be suspended on a line between bamboo poles. Lengthy discussions to arrive at this point. Yet to be determined: maintenance plan for the summer; vigils at the field; fundraising for the costs; the desire to have a labrynth at some point; what the sign will present this summer (we will leave it as is until at least the Memorial Day weekend gathering).
The field will be set up on Saturday May 25th at 10 a.m. (rain date Sunday).
Topic: May 24th film or event. There is not sufficient energy or resources to plan a 10-yr-anniversary-of-the-invasion-of-Iraq event for late May, so the event idea is postponed until later in the summer. On May 24th, we will show the film ALL QUIET ON THE WESTERN FRONT. Judy will draft a press release which will combine the two (film and Field of Flags events) and  share it around for comment. Publicity is due by Friday May 10th.
Planning for the May 3rd film and talk with Rob Shetterly was finalized. [nb: the Tim DeChristopher film BIDDER 70 and talk with Rob Shetterly drew a full house and was followed by a very rewarding discussion. Many thanks !!!! to Rob for his good work and for donating posters of his painting of Tim DeChristopher to PPJ, sales of which earned some good $ at the film.]
Topic: discussion of PPJ archives postponed to a later date due to lack of time.
Next month’s meeting (June 5) will be planned by Peter Robbins.
Notes by Judy Robbins

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