Notes from Peninsula Peace November meeting

Minutes of the Peninsula Peace and Justice meeting of 11 06 2013

6:30 pm, Howard Room, Blue Hill Public Library


Bonnie Preston, Steve Benson, Judy Robbins (facilitator), Peter Robbins


1.    Report on fundraising letter

Judy reported on donations received and Steve will send thankyou notes. We will need to think at our next meeting about our finances and a donation to the library as thanks for letting us use its facilities for meetings and events. 

2.    Planning for November 9 event at Field of Flags

Steve will MC the event, and if he’s late Judy will jump in. We’ve made a number of efforts to reach out to invite others. Judy will send a reminder out and might bring some tea in thermoses.

3.    Peace on Earth banners — who, what, when, where, how

Banners are in pretty good shape. We decide to mount them on telephone poles as in other recent years, convening on Sunday December 1 at 9 a.m. (rain date: Sunday December 8).

4.    Possible films for November and December

Judy and Peter are going to do a quick preview of The Waiting Room to consider showing it on November 22. (November 29 seems likely to have weaker turn-out due to holiday pre-occupation. ) Bonnie will seek another assessment. If it meets their approval, Steve will get a press release out pronto. We also talked about screenings in coming months to include possiblyThe GatekeepersOccupied Palestine, Chasing Ice, and Flying Paper.


Bruce Gagnon in his Global Network Against Nuclear Power and Weapons in Space emails has made a proposal for work in Maine regarding the AsiaPacific Pivot and the Obama administration plans for surrounding China. He envisions two major statewide panel events in March 2014 to bring people in from an international framework, with various local organizations’ support. We may decide to invite Bruce to speak in Blue Hill before then about this initiative. Maine’s production of military vessels will be part of the plan for development of presence in Asian waters.


— minutes written up by Steve Benson

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