Occupy Bangor begins Oct. 29–Join Us!

Please pass this along to others AND COME. Apologies if you get this more than once.

October, 2011 – Bangor, Maine:
CALL TO ACTION!  — We are the 99%!
If you support the Occupy Wall Street Movement, which is spreading across the globe… JOIN US!
If you are upset about:
Ø    the control of elections and politics by corporate money
Ø    24 million people jobless or “involuntary part-time” workers
Ø    the top 1 percent of the population owning 40 percent         of the nation’s wealth
Ø    rising home foreclosures and homelessness
Ø    anti-worker and anti-labor laws being passed
Ø    oil industry & corporate-funded denial of climate change, threatening the future of our planet
Ø    rising economic insecurity for millions of people —
while corporate CEO’s and bankers get millions of $ in bonuses, and trillions are spent on wars…  JOIN US!!
Rally, 99% March and General Assembly
Followed by an ongoing 24-hour Campout, begins on
Saturday, October 29, 2011 in Bangor!
Time: 12 Noon + throughout the day    Place:  Peirce Park
(next to Bangor Public Library, Harlow Street)
For more info:  www.occupybangor.org      Ph: 942-9343  
Email: occupybangor@gmail.com     FB:  OccupyBangor    

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