Occupy Bangor for support for Saturday, Oct. 29 start

Please pass along to others in your group or area. Any support will be a big help. Here’s an appeal to come and help because of the potential for arrest of those who want to camp overnight, followed by a list of some items likely to be needed (Augusta’s list but similar to what Bangor will need):

URGENT!!  URGENT!!   (Thursday night, 10/27/11)
The “Occupy Bangor” movement, which has been in the process of formation over the past month, has just learned that the City of Bangor plans to take action against our planned encampment in Peirce Park, which begins on Saturday, October 29.  WE NEED YOUR HELP against this planned police action!
The City’s press release states that they plan to clear Peirce Park (on Harlow Street) of the Occupy Bangor campers by 10 p.m., to enforce the city ordinances (which say that no one can be in a public park between 10 p.m. and 6:00 a.m.).  The “Occupy Bangor” encampment will not present any threat to the city; this is an instance of people publicly exercising their rights to free speech and assembly, through consensus, democracy, and nonviolence.
This move from the City of Bangor is happening in the context of growing official attacks against the nationwide Occupy movement, from Atlanta to New York City to Oakland, where a young Iraq war veteran was just critically injured by city police.
We need  your help  to stand up and defend what is probably the most vibrant, dynamic and promising movement for social change that this country has seen since the Movement against the Vietnam War in the 1960’s and 1970’s, and the U.S. Civil Rights Movement!
PLEASE HELP US to defend the growing Occupy Movement!
Here are some concrete ways YOU can help to defend the Occupy Bangor action:
1)        Please call or email every member of the Bangor City Council (see below) and the city manager’s office to express your outrage at the City’s refusal to allow its citizens to peaceably assemble for the purpose of exercising their First Amendment free speech rights.  If you can, try to meet with one or more city councilors tomorrow in person (FRIDAY), October 28 to express your concern, ideally with at least one or two other people.
2)        URGE YOUR FRIENDS, neighbors, fellow parishioners, and coworkers to do the same! You can print off this information, and the names and phone numbers of the city councilors.
3)   PLEASE COME to Peirce Park in downtown Bangor on Harlow Street (next to the Bangor Public Library at 10 p.m. Saturday night, to be present, to be witnesses, and to verbally defend the occupiers from the (relative) safety of the sidewalk.  If you wish, you can take the step of joining occupiers who may decide to engage in nonviolent civil disobedience. It is your choice!  


4)        If you don’t live in Bangor, let the city councilors know that you will REFUSE TO SHOP or do business in Bangor if the city tramples on the constitutional rights of its citizens!


5)                 Call radio talk shows to spread the word and express your outrage! WZON: 992-4078     and flood the Bangor Daily News with letters to the editor at: letters@bangordailynews.com


6)                 Please be aware: According to City officials, the City Council was asked about what should be done about the planned Occupy Bangor encampment, and reportedly, not one city councilor was willing to publicly defend the legitimate free speech and public assembly rights of Occupy Bangor participants. 
If the city DOES BREAK UP Occupy Bangor on Saturday night, please call again first thing Monday morning, to express your support for Occupy Bangor, and your opposition to this violation of our rights to free speech and public assembly.
CITY HALL main number (to contact City Manger Catherine Conlow):   945-4400
CITY COUNCIL MEMBERS: (Calling them is best; email is next best!)
SUSAN HAWES, COUNCIL CHAIR:          942-6830         smhbangor@aol.com
PATRICIA BLANCHETTE              942-8692         jebpab1@aol.com
RICHARD BRONSON                                   942-4531         richard.bronson@bangormaine.gov           
NELSON DURGIN                                   947-8419         nelson.durgin@bangormaine.gov      
GEOFFREY GATWICK                      945-9442         geoffrey.gratwick@bangormaine.gov
CHARLES LONGO                                   403-3101         charles.longo@bangormaine.gov
DAVID NEALLY                                            944-6888         dnealley@aol.com
GERRY PALMER                                   944-8000         eastbangorgp@gmail.com
CARY WESTON                                   478-5720         cary.weston@bangormaine.gov
                                                                                       FB: www.facebook.com/caryweston

The following items are useful donations:
Donation Needs:
-Batteries/Extension Cords/Generators
-Plastic Containers/Plastic Bags
-Food/ Water
-Art Supplies
-Lights/Tea Lights
-Hand Warmers
-Musical Instruments
-Propane/Grilling Stoves
-Coolers/Ice Packs
-Winter Weather Gear


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