Occupy Blue Hill to hold general assembly

Occupy Blue Hill to Hold General Assembly

Occupy Blue Hill, the group that formed in support of the Occupy Wall Street movement, is planning to hold a General Assembly in the Blue Hill Town Hall on Saturday, Nov. 19, from noon to 2 pm. The General Assembly is open to anyone who wants to participate, and will begin the process of discussing the issues and setting priorities of the group. The majority of people who have driven past the bridge demonstrations have honked, waved, or given the thumbs up sign, so it is clear that there is a great deal of support in the area for the ideals of Occupy Wall Street. This is a genuine people’s movement, not a partisan political movement, and it ignores the stereotypical “left/right” divisions and looks only at “top/bottom” issues. There is room in the town hall for 99% of the population to express their views about how the 1% are running the country. Be there and bring something to eat or drink to share! Bring a friend! _______________________________________________ HCCN mailing list HCCN@mainetalk.org https://mainetalk.org/mailman/listinfo/hccn_mainetalk.org

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