[occupymaine] ~URGENT CALL TO ACTION~ Occupy Congress Square, September 6-9

Please pass along to others in your group or area. Thanks. Respond to Michael Anthony (michaelanthony207@gmail.com) with any thoughts or plans.

Larry Dansinger
(207) 525-7776 or rosc@psouth.net

On Aug 29, 2013, at 5:43 PM, Michael Anthony wrote:

3 day occupation of Congress Square Park preceding city council vote on the proposal to sell the park. URGENT CALL TO ACTION, please share with all your networks in and around the Greater Portland area.
September 4, Wednesday
General Assembly: 5pm

We need to form working groups to help with camp specific things, like logistics, security, communications, food, medicine, etc

September 6, First Friday
Food Not Bombs: 5pm

Rally and attempted occupation: Specific time, to be decided, come enjoy a meal and be ready for anything, bring banners, signs, supplies, instruments, joyous spirits, your voices

September 7, Saturday
Morning Camp Meeting: 10pm
General Assembly: 5pm

September 8, Sunday
Morning Camp Meeting: 10pm
General Assembly: 5pm
Sunday Night Smudge and Circle: Sunset

September 9, Monday
Morning Camp Meeting: 10pm
General Assembly: 5pm
March to City Hall: 6:30pm

Open time for workshops, performances, whatnot. Please contact us or come to the GA if you want to plan something. Or just organize autonomously! Please organize autonomously, do what you think will help, make this action your own.

De-Gentrify Portland!

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