Oct 8 Join us! Anti-Drone Die-ins Portland

From: Lisa Savage <lsavage3@gmail.com>
Date: September 25, 2012 6:17:57 AM EDT
To: Lisa Savage <lsavage3@gmail.com>
Subject: Oct 8 Join us! Anti-Drone Die-ins Portland

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We want you — help us stage a series of street theater events Monday, Oct 8 in Portland!
With skilled leadership by Bowdoin’s Phui Yi Kong we can make an impact and maybe even get in the news. Certainly, we can make our own news. Michael Cutting has invited us on to his radio show that morning 6:30-8:30am to talk about the problem of killing by remote control with your tax $$.

WHO: Activists to play drones or victims + others to hold signs or distribute leaflets with information about U.S. drone program

WHAT: “Die-in” street theater, choreographed such that “drones” line up and move in formation through “civilians” going about their business. Upon contact, civilians drop to the ground and cover up with “bloody” sheets. Sound effects including steady slow drum beat + recorded droning.

WHERE: 1st – Sidewalk in front of Collins & Snowe offices in Old Port (Canal Plaza, between Exchange & Middle St). 2nd – Congress Square Park (threatened public space across street from art museum, Congress & High St).  3rd – Sidewalk in front of USM student union/bookstore (Bedford St. just off Forest Ave). 4th – Obama campaign HQ (2nd floor, 533 Forest Ave., cross street Belmont St).

WHEN: Mon Oct 8  11am rehearsal at 88 Park St. back parking lot. Noon – begin direct action at the 1st location

WHY: To call attention to the ongoing killing by drones, with little oversight from Congress, under the direction of President Obama’s administration i.e. CIA. Part of Keep Space for Peace Week.

Read Medea Benjamin’s book, available at the USM bookstore or online:
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