October Calendar events

Newsletter editors,

Here are some calendar items for October (plus a few earlier and/or later).  FEEL FREE TO PICK AND CHOOSE AND NOT USE EVERY ITEM. If you know of things that should be publicized, please send them to me by the 15th of the month preceding the month when the event occurs.

Larry Dansinger

September 10-October 10: Bring Our War $$ Home Care-a-Van doing talks, events, actions around the state of Maine to highlight the need to cut military spending and give more for human needs. For a list of events and to sponsor an event in your area: Lisa Savage, 643-2356 or lsavage@gmail.com or Bruce Gagnon, 443-9502 or globalnet@mindspring.com
September 25: “Scarred Lands and Wounded Lives: The Environmental Footprint of War” film shown, 7 PM, Peace and Justice Center of Eastern Maine, 96 Harlow St., Bangor. Peace and Justice Center, 942-9343 or info@peacectr.org or www.peacectr.org.

September 27: “The Palestinian Plight” w/Jim Matlack (recently returned from the region), noon, CIEE, 300 Fore St, Portland, part of World Affairs Council of Maine series of talks. Leslie Manning, 592-2659.

September 27: Program with Voices for Peace and Robert Shetterly speaking and showing his art, 7 PM, Emlen Hall, Bay School, Blue Hill. Dud Hendrick, 348-2511 or dudhe@myfairpoint.net. Part of Care-a-Van programs throughout Maine.
September 30: Sixth annual Chefs Soirée to benefit St. Mary’s Health System, 5:30 PM, location in Lewiston TBA. Call 755-3366 or mellingwood@stmarysmaine.com
September 30: “Afghanistan Teach-in: What We Have Learned, What Can We Do?” 3-5 PM, Sills Hall, Bowdoin College, Brunswick. Call Peace Action Maine, 772-0680 or Selma Sternlieb, 725-7675.
September 30-October 1: “Not Here” conference on human trafficking, Lewiston-Auburn area. Patricia Pora, 615-2522 or www.auburnmaine.org
October 1: Solidarity vigil with Keep Space for Peace Week and the Bring Our War $$ Home Care-a-Van, 11:30 ASM-12:30 PM, outside Bath Iron Works, Washington St., Bath. Smilin’ Trees Disarmanent Farm, 763-4062 or globalnet@mindspring.com.
October 1-9: Keep Space for Peace Week in Maine and throughout the world. Global Network against Nuclear Weapons and Power in Space, 443-9502 or globalnet@mindspring.com

October 2: “A Time for Reflection on 10 Years of War” program with religious clergy, 1 PM, Bath (location TBA). Karen Wainberg, karenwainberg@gmail.com.

October 2: Peace Action Maine annual meeting and rally for peace to follow, 1-4 PM, Meg Perry Center, 644 Congress St., Portland. Call 772-1051.

October 6: “Bring Our War $$ Home: The Lessons of 9/11, the Afghanistan War, and the Killing of Osama bin Laden” presentation w/Doug Allen, 12:30 PM, Memorial Union, U/Maine, Orono w/leafletting on student/financial issues to follow). Doug Allen, 581-3860 or Douglas_Allen@umit.maine.edu.

October 6: New Hope for Women’s 30th anniversary Open House, 4-8 PM, 5 Beech St., Rockland (also observing Domestic Violence Awareness Month). Call 594-2128.

October 6: “Stop the Machine Rally” (against continued wars in Afghanistan and other parts of the world). For ridesharing, contact Peace Action Maine, 772-1051 or Dud Hendrick, Veterans for Peace, 348-2511 or dudhe@myfairpoint.net.

October 8: Open Space Technology (meeting facilitation) workshop, 10 AM-4 PM, Rockland area. Jenna Labbe, 593-9208 or midcoastpermaculture@gmail.com.

October 9: Bring Our War $$ Home Care-a-Van finale event w/Kirk Francis, chief of Penobscot Nation, and other activities in part of observe Indigenous People’s Day, noon-3 PM, Holocaust and Human Rights Center of Maine, 46 University Drive, UM/Augusta. Lisa, 399-7623, lsavage3@gmail.com or Bruce, 443-9502 or globalnet@mindspring.net.

October 13: Third annual LGBTQA Resource Fair, time TBA, University of Southern Maine, Portland. Center for Sexualities and Gender Diversity, 780-5767.

October 13: “Tribalism, Globalism, and the Responsibility to Protect” talk by Don Kraus of Citizens for Global Solutions, 7:30 PM, Peace and Justice Center, 96 Harlow St., Bangor. Peace and Justice Center, 942-9343 or info@peacectr.org or www.peacectr.org.

October 14-16: Pax Christi retreat w/John Carroll on “Food Independence, Food Security, and Food Sovereignty,” Living Water Spiritual Center, Winslow. Mary Ellen Quinn, 223-4992 or memquinn@peoplepc.com.

October 16: Annual Harvest Supper of the Peace and Justice Center of Eastern Maine honoring Lee and Ron Davis and Young Adults with Pizazz, 6-8 PM, Church of Universal Fellowship, Main St., Orono. Peace and Justice Center, 942-9343 or info@peacectr.org or www.peacectr.org.

October 19: “Forks over Knives” film shown (impact of meat on our environment), 6 PM, Free Library, Belfast. Call Lynne, 930-3556.

October 19-20: Cheesemaking workshop (also butter and yogurt) w/Jessie Dowling, Education Center, MOFGA, Unity. MOFGA, 568-4142 or mofga@mofga.org or www.mofga.org

October 20: “Economics of Happiness” shown and panel of Transition Town organizational representatives, time and location in Rockland TBA. Teisha, Good Tern Co-op, 594-8822 or teishagoodtern@hotmail.com.

October 20: Catalyst for Change Award Dinner honoring Howard Solomon, time TBA, University of Southern Maine, Portland. Susie Bock, Sampson Center for Diversity in Maine, 780-4269 or bocks@usm.maine.edu.

October 20: “Capitalism’s Ongoing Crisis: Causes, Consequences,and Solutions” w/Richard Wolff, 7:30 PM, Neville Hall, U/Maine, Orono. Schonberger Memorial Lecture, Doug Allen, 581-3860. 

October 23: Great Maine Apple Day, Education Center, MOFGA, Unity. MOFGA, 568-4142 or mofga@mofga.org or www.mofga.org.

October 27: “The Future of Marriage: An Interactive Dialogue” discussion on the role of marriage in people’s lives esp. from a religious viewpoint, 7 PM, Abromson Center, USM, Portland. Marvin Ellison, Bangor Theological Seminary, 774-5212.

October 30: “Living in Jail,” part of monthly series on “Deconstructing Poverty,” 11:30 AM-1 PM, U-U Church, 37 Miller St., Belfast. Jennifer Hill, 722-3383 or rooted@fairpoint.net.

October 30: “Budrus” film shown (Israel/Palestine conflict and nonviolent alternatives), 7 PM, Peace and Justice Center of Eastern Maine, 96 Harlow St., Bangor. Peace and Justice Center, 942-9343 or info@peacectr.org or www.peacectr.org.

November 4-6: Farmer to Farmer conference to promote farming skills and knowledge, Point Lookout, Northport. MOFGA, 568-4142 or mofga@mofga.org or www.mofga.org.  

November 4-6: “On Being a War Tax Resister: Public or Private?” gathering of New England war tax resisters and supporters, Amherst, Mass. For carpooling from Maine and other details: Larry Dansinger, Maine WTR Resource Center, 525-7776 or rosc@psouth.net.
HOME Inc. (Homeworkers Organized for More Employment) is collecting items–bikes, tools, shoes, men’s and children’s clothing, school supplies, and more to provide to its sister community of San Juan Comalapa, Guatemala. Because of recent mud slides caused by heavy rains, the area is devastated and in need of supplies. HOME also needs money to cover costs for the shipping container and related expenses. Items can be picked up as well if they are nearby. For more information, contact Jerry Botta t 469-7961 or, to donate, go to www.homecoop.net.

Mabel’s Book is back. The annual 2011 edition again provides a guide and listing for farmers markets, CSA’s, and other sources of local food and food self-reliance for Franklin, Oxford, Somerset, and Piscataquis counties. The 40+ page booklet is crammed full of useful resources. Named after Mabel Dennison, who first collected the information in 2000, it is a one-stop spot for local food sources. Copies are available from the Western Mountains Alliance, tswain@westernmountainsalliance.org or www.westernmountainsalliance.org.
Scorecards, scorecards. If you wondered how the Maine legislature did in its last session, three different groups can tell you how they thought it went. For example, Maine Conservation Voters has its list based on four important bills–Pesticide spraying, Bisphenol A, the continued existence of the Land Use Regulation Commission, and clean energy codes for builders. Check out www.maineconservation.org or 620-8811. There’s one from the Maine Women’s Lobby on 13 separate bills, including right to an abortion, voter registration, collective bargaining, and the Earned Income Tax Credit. Go to www.mainewomen.org or 622-0851. And MOFGA (Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Assn.) has one too, including the pesticide bill, EBT cards at farmers markets, exempting small farmers from licensing requirements for certain sales, and more. MOFGA, www.mofga.org or 568-4142.

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