Olive Oil from Palestinian Farmers

Next delivery will be March 23; please order by FRIDAY March 15 to ensure delivery (see instrux below).
The next deliver after this will be late April or early May.

Olive Oil from Palestine is available from Maine Voices for Palestinian Rights (MVPR)
Robert Schaible and Sally Bowden-Schaible
1/2L bottle       $12
1L can       $18
This olive oil (sometimes we have Nabali Tree oil and sometimes Rumi oil) is purchased directly from the importer Canaan Fair Trade and MVPR does not add any additional cost. The Schaibles live in So. Maine but come to Bucksport regularly and are happy to deliver orders here. The Robbins will pick up any orders from Bucksport and make it available in Blue Hill or Sedgwick for pickup. (judy@robbinsandrobbins.com)

To order:
1.  Please contact Bob Schaible directly (rmschaible@gmail.comto order and mention Peninsula Peace & Justice.
2. Send a check made payable to MVPR for your order to:  Bob Schaible, 136 Callahan Rd., Buxton ME 04093.
3. Judy will send you an email once the olive oil is in hand.

Thank you to everyone who participated in last week’s order, supporting Palestinian farmers !

Nabali Tree Olive Oil

            The native olive tree of Palestine      Certified Organic, Extra Virgin and Cold Pressed      Fruity with medium body and a lingering peppery finish     Harvested from fair trade orchards in the West Bank areas of Jenin, Nablus, Salfit, and Ramallah     

Sustainably farmed in the traditional manner from family trees on ancient stone terraces

“The Weeping Olive Trees of Palestine”

by SONJA KARKAR http://www.counterpunch.org/2007/09/04/the-weeping-olive-trees-of-palestine/

     Universally regarded as the symbol of peace, the olive tree has become the object of violence. For more than forty years, Israel has uprooted over one million olive trees and hundreds of thousands of fruit trees in Palestine with terrible economic and ecological consequences for the Palestinian people. Their willful destruction has so threatened Palestinian culture, heritage and identity that the olive tree has now become the symbol of Palestinian steadfastness because of its own rootedness and ability to survive in a land where water is perennially scarce.

Support Palestinian Farmers

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