On Romneyâ

 How does this help the middle class??


“Ryan would cut more than $5 trillion from the budget over 10 years. Medicaid, Medicare and food stamps would be eliminated as we now know them, and replaced with more limited block-grant type, or voucher, programs, as opposed to entitlements. (It’s why Paul Krugman calls the Ryan plan “a fraud” and “a piece of mean-spirited junk.”)

“Ryan says he would eliminate loopholes and tax breaks. But he’s refused to spell out the loopholes and tax breaks he would eliminate to make up the enormous loss in revenue. Two of those tax breaks, for example, bear eliminating, and would, in fact, save hundreds of billions of dollars: the mortgage-interest deduction (about $80 billion a year) and the tax credit afforded employee-provided health care (about $230 billion). “

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