OWS Support meeting minutes

I apologize for not getting these out sooner; yesterday did not go as planned!

Please let me know if there is anything you would like to change or add.

One thing that I meant to bring up in the discussion on the bridge demonstrations but failed to is that I think those demonstrations are for more than just attracting attention; they can be tools for building/bonding our community of 99%ers. I would recommend that the hour on the bridge be split into two segments; about 45-50 minutes with the signs, and 10-15 circled up and sharing. Go around the circle and give names and towns, then let people share (briefly! no speeches) anything they want to–something they saw on the web or talked about with a person, request help with a new idea, announce up-coming events, etc. We will start putting names with faces and learning more than we will just standing with our sign. My two cents.

Thanks so much for coming and helping to further the cause!


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