OWS Support Meeting

Some names have been added since I sent out the initial notice of a meeting to talk about how best to organize our work, share leadership, get others involved, and begin to remake the world. We will be in the Howard Room (2nd floor) at the Blue Hill Library on Tuesday, October 25, from 7-9 pm. The agenda is below. It is a lot to cover in 2 hours, so if you think about things ahead of time, we can move along effectively. We will need someone to take notes, so think about that too!

OWS Support Meeting October 25, 2011


1) Approval of agenda

2) Introductions: name, town, and what do you think we should do locally to help the movement?

3) What needs doing and what working groups do we need? Possibilities: Media (LTEs, op-eds, etc) Communications (e-mail lists, all things digital) Outreach to other groups Connecting with ME occupiers (Portland, Augusta, Bangor) & OWS General Assemblies Events and workshops Fund-raising (?)

4) What skills/interests do you have? What working group would you like to be part of?

5) Bridge demonstrations–share ideas re: purpose signs effective communication

6) How should we organize? Do we need regular meetings apart from general assemblies, bridge demonstrations, other events, or working group meetings? Have two groups, Blue Hill and Ellsworth?

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