Paul Goodman Changed My Life, Stonington

from Barbara Damrosch

 March’s AltMovie at the Stonington Opera House
film maker Jonathan Lee to speak after the Wednesday screening 

Paul Goodman Changed My Life

Stonington Opera House DATES: March 13-15  
TIMES: Tues & Thurs at 7 pm,
Weds at 5 pm
Through archival footage and interviews with the writer’s contemporaries, filmmaker Jonathan Lee has captured the full measure of Paul Goodman, an outspoken anti-war activist and radical social critic who gave voice to the counterculture long before there was one. Goodman’s ethos, as expressed in a TV interview with Studs Terkel, was to “simply refuse to acknowledge that a sensible and honorable community does not exist.” His book Growing Up Absurd, (1960), a radical critique of how America raises its young men, was an improbable best-seller, predicting and influencing the Sixties Generation. His ideas and stubborn integrity helped many find a moral compass in the ’60’s — can they do so again today? Lee will speak about the making of the film after Wednesday’s screening (6:40), everyone welcome.   
Watch the trailer. <;s=2979&amp;e=001jDlZeDpU16Fn5WXTZxR2hNUpwD4TYLjZEJBve-iooxHMs4qJiGTLogvZa3tb-hhLm2N-jsdbEXmv7AwtDfb9jS6uA5-PnsgrL0NSUZzINSSWA5meVWPV-wdc0G_lrG1E8_-e9O7e38aAN8UlMq8rDg==>  

“As bluntly humanist and free-ranging as its subject, this brisk take on the life of poet, sociologist, educator, psychologist, and general pain-in-the-ass gadfly Paul Goodman is as much endangered-species doc as biography.”       -Mark Holcomb, Village Voice

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