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Subject: URGENT! MAIN and MAINE need YOUR help! Contact legislators –
oppose irresponsible cuts!
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As a member of the MAIN Leadership Team, I am reaching out to our key
MAIN members because we recognize that you truly understand the issues
low-income Mainers are faced with every day. I am writing to ask YOU
to help us fight the proposed cuts to MaineCare, Head Start and other
anti-poverty programs in the state supplemental budget!

Action is needed before February 1st, so there is no time to waste!

If the cuts go through as planned, the health and well-being of over
65,000 Maine people will be at risk!

Here’s what YOU can do:

Contact your legislator! Urge them NOT to support these destructive
cuts! People will continue to be sick and without proper care will end
up having to receive more crisis and emergency services, which will
cost US ALL more in the long run. These cuts are an unfair way to fill
the shortfall in the budget. The people who are the most vulnerable
should not be made to suffer more while the wealthiest in our state
continue to enjoy tax breaks. Urge them to find responsible solutions
to fill the hole in the budget.  For example:  ask Maine’s wealthiest
residents to pay their fair share; create a better managed care system
in MaineCare; and make MaineCare more efficient.

To find out who your legislator is go to:   http://www.congress.org/
and type in your zipcode.

Call the State House toll-free numbers and leave a message for your
legislators.  They accept messages 24/7.

Senators:  1-800-423-6900
Representatives:  1-800-423-2900

Be sure to state your name and the town you live in, and then leave a
short message.  If you also want your legislator to call you back,
leave your phone number and the best time to reach you.

Write a letter to your editor right away! If you’d like someone to
proof read your letter for you before you send it, let me know as
we’ll be glad to help!  For more tips on this go to:
http://www.peacebreadjustice.org/find-your-elected-officials  This
link will also give you tips on how to lobby your legislator and how
to find your legislator. These links are to direct and SAFE downloads
of documents.  We hope you will print and share with your friends and

Please let me know when you have contacted your legislators and what
newspaper you submitted your letter to so that we can watch for it.
Please ask 3 friends or colleagues to do the same!

Legislators need to hear from YOU!

It’s URGENT that you act ASAP as the Appropriations Committee is
expected to vote on or before February 1.  The House and Senate will
vote shortly thereafter.

To keep up-to-date with what is happening in MAIN, please “LIKE” our
new Facebook page at:


Barbara Rankins

MAIN Team Leader

PS:  Attached is the press release from this morning’s (1/25/12) press
conference on “Responsible Solutions” to the budget shortfall.

PPS: Apologies for any duplicate emails. Quirky email service with our
new Google email tonight and I couldn’t take the chance of this not
getting to you!


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