Peninsula Peace and Justice meeting notes July 4


Peninsula Peace and Justice organizational meeting

                 07 04 2012

Howard Room, Blue Hill Public Library

Present: Lorenzo, Carolyn, Judy, Peter, Steve


We tried presenting brief individual check-ins about our current interests and activities relevant to our work in PPJ.


Field of flags was recently mowed on paths and perimeters by Doug C.  He brought a new bench that goes very well in the back of the field.  We will schedule a mowing of the whole field with pulling and replacement of flags on Bastille Day, July 14, at 10 a.m.  (July 15 at 9 a.m. is the alternate date, in case it rains on the 14th.)  Flowers may need some tending then too. 


Steve will send thank you postcards to those who have sent contributions to support the field, after Judy provides postcards, addresses, and stamps for them. 


Doctors of the Dark Side will be shown at 7:30 on Friday August 3 – note different day of the month and different hour than usual.  Steve will prepare some remarks and handouts.  He will invite Judy Garvey, local docs, etc.  Steve will get a press release to local papers, WERU, CC, library by the 20th of July at the latest. 


Some of us will look at, recommended by Pat Wheeler, to consider a film based in the work of this group that presents green technology films. 


The Pipe was well attended and received, the last Friday in June.  A good discussion of nearly an hour followed. 


The group is interested in hearing about Carolyn’s recent time in the West Bank and the work on BDS [Boycott Divestment Sanctions], a strategy for influencing apartheid in the Occupied Territories.  Bob Schaible and his wife will be invited to join in this program, helping those interested to learn more how to participate in this effort.  Carolyn may present a slide show with narratives and/or interviews.  A date will be set soon. 

PPJ may want to create a new informational flier .  This topic was tabled for a subsequent meeting.


Lorenzo is supporting the Occupy movement through distributing two-sided window signs, tee shirts, lapel buttons, and bumper stickers, gratis.  The Co-op’s porch bench usually holds a supply of the bumper stickers. 


Peter shared photos of the memorial field of flags that may be used in the Facebook page that Steve is working up, and may share other photos related to PPJ’s past projects for a gallery at that page.


— Minutes by Steve Benson

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