Peninsula Peace & Justice

Peninsula Peace & Justice Peninsula Peace & Justice will meet on Wednesday September 7, 6:30 pm, at the Blue Hill Library.

Suggested items for agenda are:

  1. Preparing for Sept. 16 event, Honduras: Communities in Resistance. Talk and slides by Ken Jones and Lisa Sullivan of School of the Americas Watch (
  2. Preparing for Sept. 27 event, Bring Our War $$ Home concert with Voices for Peace and narrative and paintings by Rob Shetterly (; also Bruce Gagnon representing Bring Our War $$ Home ( Followup on meeting with Island Peace & Justice on Sept. 6
  3. Other ways of supporting the BOW$$H Care-a-Van across Maine (betw. Sept. 10 and October 9)
  4. Film event for end September: Phil Ochs film “There But for Fortune”
  5. Proposed event on Cuba “Cuba Forum” with new film and speakers for October
  6. Maintenance of the Field of Flags for September, October, November

Please bring other agenda items or send to

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