Peninsula Peace & Justice May 1st meeting

Blue Hill Library,Wednesday May 1st, 6:30 pm

From: Steve Benson <>
– – – –

  Agenda for PPJ organizational meeting 05 01 2013

        Facilitator:  Steve

Identify someone to take notes

 Identify additional agenda items 

Topic: depleted uranium in the Middle East and more to come.  Steve will show a 15-minute video of an interview about this with Congressman McDermott of Washington, and we can talk about it a little if we want.

Field of flags plans

Report on the 4/15 gathering at the site

Design and maintenance, plantings, signboard

Making of prayer flags on 5/13

Opening da 

Vigils over the season

Film series

                  Organizational planning for Bidder 70 on 5/3 

Film May 24?  Roadmap to Apartheid


Gathering of community to recall its activity related to onset and developments in the “War of Terror”?

signature ads, vigil, field of flags:

possible participants:

Dud and Pat Hendrik

Carolyn Waite

Becky McCall

Fran Truitt

Terry Tempest Williams

 Historical records of PPJ

                  Does the group want a central repository of data?

                  Does the group hope to have this organized for future reference?

                  Are there immediate steps easily taken to create an initial and useful historical record?

Reminder of upcoming facilitators of the meetings:

June 5  Peter

                  July 3   Ron

August 7   Bonnie

                  September 4  Carolyn

Peninsula Peace & Justice
P.O. Box 1515
Blue Hill ME 04614

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